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Hotel comes up with a strange rule


Hello everyone – I just finished typing out my column and saved it. It has now disappeared. When I clicked on the title, it came up blank. I don’t know what I did but I wish I hadn’t done it.

I hope all had a good week. I’m enjoying the nonrainy weather. Sunshine is nice even though the humidity has been high again.

When we lived in Wyoming we had to go through Togwotee Pass to get to Yellowstone National Park. This past week Togwotee Pass received snow. It wasn’t a big accummulation but it was snow in the middle of August.

Feel Better Wishes are being sent to Janice Wolod, Sue Banks, Dianna Newsome, Mike Wenning, Eli Gordan, Myles Marr, Chris Fields, and Edison Banks.

I visited with Doris Banks, Carol Caudill, Anna Yonts, and Randy Brown on Sunday afternoon. It was nice spending time with family.

Mike and I had to go to Hazard last week as he had a doctor’s appointment. With all of the rain we were having and the flooding, we decided to go a day early so we wouldn’t be late. We went to a well-known hotel and went in. I asked for a room and was told there weren’t any as they are full of workers during the week.

There was a lady standing in the lobby with bare feet and a swimsuit cover. We thought she was a guest. She said ‘such and such room is available’. So the front desk lady starts looking that room up and asks for an ID. I handed my license to the young man who was standing there and he made a copy. He gave me back my license and turned to the front desk lady and said “They’re from Whitesburg.”

The front desk lady said they could not rent a room to us because we were locals. We looked at her. She said, ‘Locals are up to no good’. I was flabbergasted. I said, ‘We’re here for the hospital’. The other lady had gone behind the counter now as she was management (and not a swimsuit guest}. I told them we came early because of the flooding and couldn’t miss this appointment. She said we were ‘older and would be okay’. She told the front desk lady to put her approval in the comments.

I gave my rewards number so I could get the points and to let them know that I stay at this chain quite often.

We did get a room in a noisy hotel. When we got home, I got a survey request. I didn’t rate the place as high as I could have. I did rate the breakfast high as it was great.

I’m still in amazement that locals can’t be rented to. Mike looked it up on the Internet and there is something that hotels do not have to rent to people who live within 50 miles. A strange rule.

I had to get a new phone this week. I had put my phone in my back pocket and got into the SUV. i wasn’t all the way in when I shut the door. The door caught me and I said ‘ow’. I got in, took the phone out of my pocket and sat it in the console. Mike asked what was wrong with my phone. I looked at it and screen was shattered. Apparently it had gotten caught in the door latch. Mike touched it and got cut. I couldn’t get the screen to move, it was ruined. I lost all my contact numbers but have gotten a lot of them back. I still have several missing. This happened to me last August also.

My cousin, Randy Brown, gave us some more tomatoes. I had the best ‘mater sammich’ with one of them. We eat a lot of tomatoes and Mike made salsa with the last box of tomatoes. I think salsa will be made with some of these also. Thank you, Randy, for the tomatoes.

Mark and Kathy Miles of Cowan had a bear cub in their yard this past week. I have been seeing a lot of pictures of bears.

The “Fields Sisters” had a good trip to Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Their pictures were great. When they’re together they always have a wonderful time. Those on this outing were Ella Caudill, Juanita Caudill, Helen Roberts, Libby Honeycutt, and Katie Caudill.

Belated birthday wishes are being sent to Robbie Ison, Raven Ison, and Malachi Fields. They all had birthdays on August 18.

Roger Yonts of Dahlonega, Ga., came in for the weekend. He visited with his parents Duane and Anna Yonts of Little Cowan. Roger helped with the harvesting of the corn while he was in. It was a good visit for all of them.

I had a good pedicure with Jenny Lea Academy this week. The young lady who worked on me was Kelli. I enjoy going to the school to be practice for the students.

Cari Eskew and Luthor Hodge were married on August 13, 2021 in Charleston, S.C. Relatives that attended were Jill Kent (mother of the bride) of Wise, Va.; Becca Eskew (sister of the bride) of Wise, Va.; and Carol Caudill (grandmother of the bride) of Little Cowan. It was a lovely wedding even with the heat. The newlyweds will reside in Roanoke, Va.

A cousin passed away this week. His dad and my grandpa were cousins.

Dorce “Sonny” Caudill passed away on August 22, 2021 at the age of 82. He was preceded in death by his wife, Joyce Collier Caudill, and his parents, David and Dorothy Caudill, formerly of Little Cowan.

He is survived by two sons, Rick (Debbie) Caudill and Tim (Cheryl) Caudill, and one grandchild, Kayla.

The funeral is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 11 o’clock at the Letcher Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will be in the Evergreen Cemetery.

Condolences to the Caudill family.

I read that Kingdom Come State Park is getting new campsites. There are also plans for a primitive cabin. This will be good for the area.

This week’s quote is attributed to John Ruskin. “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

If you have any news, please email cowannews@aol.com. Thanks.

Have a good week. Enjoy life and wear a mask.

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