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How people have changed

I have been thinking and wondering about how our people in Appalachia have changed, both physically and mentally.

Long ago a body hardly ever heard the word cancer in a conversation. Not so in today’s day and age, because cancer is running rampant. As far as I am led to understand, there is no cure or prevention for this dreadful plague. I have to draw my own conclusions as to why so many of our people are dying of cancer. In doing so, I must put quite a bit of blame on the things which are ingested into our bodies, namely the food we eat and the many things we drink.

Our food, for instance, is chemically treated in the field before it is harvested, and God only knows what is added as a preservative and to supposedly enhance the flavor. Sure, they are supposed to list on the label everything inside the container, but how many people bother to read all of this? And how many would understand it all if they took time to actually read it?

The main ingredients people look for on a label are sodium, sugar and fats. A good many people simply have to buy the cheapest items they can come up with, no matter what is listed on the label because they have to stretch old George until he hollers for mercy.

Some people actually try to take care of their families, while too many others think only of how much drugs and alcohol and coffin nails (cigarettes) they can buy with what money they have. If there is anything left, and only then, do they think of those depending on them, especially all the little children who often go hungry because there simply wasn’t much left after the parents satisfied their own cravings.

When people neglect those precious little ones in order to satisfy their own lust, they have gotten as low down as they could possibly get. I was abused both physically and mentally as a child and couldn’t do anything about it, but now I get awful upset when I see others treated in this manner because I know just how it feels.

Well, that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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