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How to catch bass at Carr Creek Lake

The bass fishing on Carr Creek Lake has been quite good so far this spring. I have had reports of bass in the five-pound range already being caught. This is a good-size bass anywhere you go fishing.

I have also heard from several fisherman that they feel the smallmouth fishing on the lake is also improved over the past few years. I was lucky enough to catch a nice smallmouth last week at the lake.

A few weeks ago the bass were holding in deeper water cover. The baits of choice then were jigs and slower, deep-diving baits. But now the water temperatures are in the mid 50s, which will make the bass start to scatter out all over the lake and become more active. The bass are getting ready to go into the spawn. I have already received reports of bass being full of eggs.

The water at Carr Creek is still about four to five feet below summer pool. What this means is that usually the bass will look for areas to hold in a little deeper water until the lake is full and stable. The bass will look for areas that have large shallow flats with deeper water close by – usually in the part of the lake that warms first.

Most fisherman will fish these areas with a small chartreuse-colored lizard. You can fish it Carolina rigged or Texas rigged, or as a floating bait. Small shad-colored crankbait also works well.

If you can find the bass nest you can fish a small tubebait or a jerkbait. If you don’t find bass in the shallows then you can try moving to the first dropoff into deeper water. This is where you should find bass waiting to move up to spawn. Fish the Carolinarigged lizard or try a zoom fluke, a tubebait, or slow roll a willow leaf spinnerbait. Or use one of my favorite baits, the shad-colored crankbait.

Get out and give Carr Creek Lake a try for spring bass fishing. It is some of this lake’s best fishing of the year.

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