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How to fight boredom

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Are we bored yet? Of course we are. We’re staying indoors, especially now that cold weather has arrived, not shopping, not visiting friends, not doing much of anything. Somehow we have to get through this winter, though, and now might be the time to explore things that are new and different to us. Here are some ideas:

Change the channel. If you watch the same television news every night, switch to a different one (or better yet, skip a night or two). If you watch the same shows all the time, consider watching something different, even if you think it won’t appeal to you.

Step outside. Even though it’s cold outside, wrap up and go outdoors anyway. Don’t try this if there’s ice, of course, but even a few minutes spent walking around outside in fresh air can raise your spirits.

Grab your camera. Set up still shots around your house. A fabric background on a table or shelf, a few small statues or trinkets (especially ones from trips you’ve taken) and a lamp for lighting, and you might discover that you have a real eye for photography.

Or read a new author, learn to watercolor, take a free online course, watch zoo cams…

The idea is to try new things, even given our “stay at home” limitations.

As of this writing, most states are seeing big increases in coronavirus levels, even states that were stable with relatively low rates even a few weeks ago. We seniors are, unfortunately, in the high-risk group because of our age, even if we don’t have health concerns.

And as of this writing, the U.S. has more active cases of the coronavirus than any other country in the world, including India. It has four times the population but half the deaths that we do. It’s everywhere, and we can’t let down our guard.

Stay home, stay safe and look for new things to occupy yourself.

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