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How to play “Spoons”

This is a fun game. I’m 70 years old and have played it off and on all my life. It’s played with a regular deck of cards, but you take out the jokers. Up to six people can play at one time. If six people are playing, put five spoons in the center of the table or on the floor in random order. (No matter how many people are sitting there playing, put one less spoon than there are players.)

Deal out five cards to each person. The dealer then takes a card from the top of the deck laid on the table. He either keeps the card or passes it on to the person on his left. That person looks at the card and either keeps it or passes it on to his left. The dealer looks at another card, passes or keeps it, and continues doing this throughout the game. The object of the game is to get four of a kind – four aces, four twos, four nines, etc.

By now, cards are being passed rapidly around the table. When a person gets four cards of one kind in his hand, he stops playing and reaches in and gets a spoon. Just sit there until someone notices that a spoon is gone and you’re not playing, then everyone else will grab for a spoon.

Someone at the table won’t get one. On a piece of paper, that person gets a letter beside his name. The first letter is a “D.” The cards are reshuffled by the next person to the left and dealt out again.

The game starts again. Cards are looked at and passed to the left. If the dealer goes through the entire deck, he picks up the cards that were passed to him by the person on his right and passes them on to the left again. Once again, when someone gets four of a kind, he grabs a spoon. The person who doesn’t get a spoon gets a letter.

The letters on “D-O-N-K-EY.” When someone gets all these letters, he is now the donkey, and no one can talk to him or her. He is out of the game, but he still sits there and the game continues. The donkey tries to get others in the game to talk to him. He asks questions, makes statements, tells stories, etc. If anyone talks to him, answers his questions or makes any kind of statement to the donkey, then that person becomes a donkey also, and he’s out of the game and no one can talk to him. If the game proceeds far enough, you will have three or four donkeys in the game trying to get others to say something to them. The donkeys can talk to each other, but no one playing in the game can talk to them. The last person who doesn’t have DO N-K-E-Y after his name is the winner of the game.

A word to the wise: Make everyone cut their fingernails or you’ll lose a few knuckles when everyone grabs for a spoon.

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