Whitesburg KY

How to spend a Sunday afternoon

Hello. Here it is another beautiful Sunday as I write this. Family time for me and my bunch. We packed sandwich makings, chips, soda and cupcakes, and headed to the walking track. Some took fishing poles, a football, cornhole and cards, enough to keep everyone busy.


There was myself, my son Broy, his daughter Sierra, Sally Hall and her three boys, Gary, Ethan and Luke Hall, and Matt Bailey. Now that’s the way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Went to Norton, Va., to the Country Cabin on Saturday. The music was by Cross Country Bluegrass and was very good. It was nice to see old friends and to make new ones.

I rode up Cowan the other evening and saw how much plowing had been done. I think part of it was the community garden. Looks so nice to see that much plowing going on.

I can remember when Earl Rayburn put out huge gardens with the help of his granddaughter. He raised enough to feed all of them. His lovely wife Hazel Rayburn canned it and then cooked it. She was a wonderful cook. Hazel cooked at Big Cowan School for a long time.

I have started on my little garden. I don’t plant much, but I like fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Fresh lettuce and onions are hard to beat, so I try to grow a few of the things I like the best.

Thank you to Ben Fink for a special Seder dinner on Friday. It was the first I had ever seen, too. I enjoyed it and the company very much.

A special hello to Patsy Adams and the whole crew at Appalshop. Such a fun bunch to work with.

Take care of yourself and keep on smiling — it’s good for you. Until next week.

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