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How we have progressed

Did you ever be just sitting around and wasting time and letting all those chores go undone while you daydreamed of the progress we have made in the last 50 years?

Fifty years ago we didn’t earn very much for working as we do today. But then again, we didn’t require all the luxuries of today. Comparing the dollar bill now as to the ’50s, I figure maybe it is worth around, oh shall we say 17 cents.

Let’s take the old wringer washer next and see how we compare it. You could throw in a load of dirty work clothes and some Oxydol and go iron some clothes while the old washing kept dashing. You could let it dash for an hour if you so desired. Then you could wring the clothes out and rinse them in a number three tub, and they would come out nice and clean. Total water used – about 40 gallons.

The modern washer of today is quite another story. You load it up with clothes and pour in some detergent and set the timer and turn it on. While it is dashing you can start doing the dishes. When the washer stops you check to see if the clothes are clean to your satisfaction. If not, you pour in more detergent and start the cycle all over again. The amount of water used would be around 90 to 180 gallons, depending on the size of the load. And the amount of detergent and electricity used, we’ll just skip that part.

As for ironing the clothes, most people of today have no idea how to iron clothes. They just toss them in the dryer and when they are dry they sort them and hang them up or whatever suits their fancy.

Now let’s take a look at the food we eat. Back then people raised most of what they ate. They took great pains in the way they preserved it for future use. They worked hard to ensure a supply of food for the coming months and they knew exactly what was in the food they ate. Not too many freezers were around so they had to dry, can, or pickle the staples. Nowadays a body has to acquire staples from a grocery store. You have no idea what is in it, or how it was preserved. Sure, there is a label on it, but to the average per- son it means absolutely nothing.

Fifty years ago anyone would need a truck or similar means to get $50 worth of groceries to the home. But we have made so much progress you can now get them home in a single shopping bag. Progress is going to kill us all.

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