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Howard brothers, sisters get together


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

The weather is so nice, bright and sunny and warm. My kind of weather.

This has been a good week. I enjoyed going to Ermine Senior Citizens with my brother, John Howard. It’s hard to believe my little brother is a senior citizen and even harder to believe my four sons are. The years have really gone by fast.

I enjoyed seeing everyone there. I had really been missing them.

By the way, Lizzie Mae Wright, I sat on your seat for a while. I was hoping you would come in and catch me. They said you had the flu or something. I think you were playing off sick.

I’ll be back up soon.

I was sorry to hear that S.T. Wright was in the hospital. I hope he is better and back home.

My good friend Sis. Shel- by Feltner and I had a good visit with Carfa and Shirley Niece last Thursday. Hazel Hart was there also.

We sure did enjoy it. If you visit them they sure treat you good. Carfa made chocolate and peanut butter fudge. No one can make it better than he can! I love visiting with them.

Sis. Shelby played guitar and sang for us. She sure can sing!

Saturday, 10 of us Howard brother and sisters got together at Howard’s Carpet Store and had a great time eating Lee’s chicken and biscuits and talking and enjoying ourselves.

There were brothers John, Hubert, Jack, Charles, Bobby Ray and Hillard and wife Marsha, and sisters Louise, Kathleen, Betty and myself, and my son Larry Hatton. Also Elmer Hammonds and his son came by.

I was so glad Hillard and Marsha came by from Florida. They don’t have time to come to all of our homes and visit, so we all get together in one place.

Late happy birthday to my great-grandson Beau Hatton on Feb. 20, and to my daughter-in-law Linda Hatton. Beau turned 16. It’s hard to believe I have a great-grandson who is 16 years old.

I am proud of my family.

I’ve been writing on this for three days, and I’ll try to finish up.

S.T. Wright is still in the hospital as I write this. I hope he will get out soon, and I hope Lizzie Mae Wright is feeling better.

I missed her. The place is not the same without her. She’s my friend and I will call her soon.

I hope that Emma Lou Engle is doing better.

We had a nice baby shower at Cram Creek Church last Saturday night for Tiffany and Willie Howard of Nicholasville. Will is a son of Pina (Fox) Gibson and the late Tony Howard, and a grandson of Hubert Howard. We had a great time and a good crowd and lots of beautiful baby gifts.

I enjoyed a call from Claudine Sturgill the other day. We love talking about all of our old Marlowe friends. So many of them are no longer with us, but we haven’t forgotten them. Most of the people who call me are asking about the people who lived there. I didn’t give it much thought while I was living there through the good times and the hard times, just took it all for granted. But I think of all those years now and I can see where Marlowe used to be from where I live now.

My son Bill Hatton and wife Sandra are back from their trip and reported having a great time. I’ve missed them.

My son Rob is in Lexington to celebrate his grandson Daniel Hill’s birthday. No doubt he and his daughter Rocki and her husband Matt Hill and their daughter Elise will have a great time.

Happy birthday, Daniel, from me! Too bad I can’t be at all their birthday parties.

I tried to call my son Astor in Georgetown, but they weren’t home. They were probably enjoying this pretty weather.

It’s about time for church, so until next time.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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