Whitesburg KY

Howard Christmas party set for Dec. 16

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I think it’s time for our visit again, but I’m not sure of anything.

Things have been so hectic — a funeral every week, sad times for so many. All of them were family relatives, five of them.

I failed to put in the paper what was the most important thing I can think of. My brother John Howard got saved and is going to church. I was so happy, I thought I had told everyone in Letcher County almost. Whitesburg

I enjoyed talking to Buggie Adams. She wants a white kitten. I think I have gotten too attached to the little yellow one, but if someone was real lonely and could give it a good home, I might let it go. it is so cute and follows me everywhere.

I was so sorry that Big Jim Banks died. His wife Shannon wanted me to tell everyone how much she appreciated all her friends and family for all the flowers, food, and their presence, all her friends from Food City for all the food and being with her at the funeral, and also Jenny Lea Academy and all the people from Cowan. They all loved Jim. People came from all over.

I’m sure his sister Faye Fields and her three children Randy and Dennis Fields and Carrie feel the same way. They appreciate everything. I can’t call all the names. There were so many and I would leave some out. So all this is for all of you.

Our Howard Christmas party will be Dec. 16 at Cowan Community Center. I hope the weather stays good.

Jim Banks’s funeral was carried out real well. The preachers were Bro. Ernest Brock, Dock Frazier and Jack Howard. They had good singing, Charles Howard, Judy Greene, Bob Howard, Bro. Dock Frazier, Jack Howard and Kathleen and Bro. Ernest Brock. Also, Jim’s good friend David Day talked real good.

A whole bunch of the Howard family got together for breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill on Friday, Hubert, John, Jack, Charles Howard, Judy Greene, Joann and Don Brown, Joyce Howard, Shannon Banks and me and of course Kathleen Brock. We had a long breakfast and lots and lots of talking. We all enjoyed it. We always have a good time when we get together.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Landon Sexton. He was Clyde’s good hunting buddy for many years. He was well liked by all that knew him.

There was a large crowd at his funeral. It was good seeing Lorraine and John Sexton and one of Clyde’s cousins, Beverly Adams, and her husband. I sure enjoyed talking to them. I don’t think I had ever talked to her, but I knew right away she was a Hatton. I had to ask her which one. Now I know and know where she lives.

It was good seeing cousins Kathy Palumbo and Imogene Adkins and Jim Craft at the other funeral. I told someone the other day about the only time I got to see my friends was at funerals. Why are folks so busy? I seem to be busy and going nowhere and doing nothing, but I manage to be happy with it.

There are a lot of pretty Christmas decorations going up. I love seeing them but don’t put up much myself. I can look across the road and see Jr. and Robin Sexton’s. It’s always so beautiful. I don’t have to work so hard.

Our sympathy goes out to Bill Wilson and all the Wilson family on the loss of their brother in New York. I’ll get more details in next week.

Our church had a baptism service for Elaine Thomas on Sunday.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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