Whitesburg KY

Howard family reunion planned for Oct. 11


Well, hello again. I hope you are all doing well, and hope all having health problems are feeling better.

We have a lot of family needing prayer; my sisters Kathleen Brock and Louise Shepherd, and a lot of our church people need prayer, especially Sonia Fields.

Have you all been going to Mountain Heritage? I did go to the talent show. My grandson, Beau Hatton, was in it. He won second place, and I thought he should have been number one. They said he was a one-man band. He played guitar and drum and another thing, and also sang a pretty song. He is so talented. I wish I could say he took after me, but I can’t play anything but the radio, and can barely do that.

His mom and dad, Chris and Sara, and his sisters, Brooke and Gracie, all play music on different instruments.

Do I sound like I’m bragging? I’m proud of all my grandchildren and I’m glad I have a lot of them.

I saw one of Dorthy Tacket’s daughters there, Deloris Holbrook. I get them all mixed up, but I think I have them straight now. I got her and her sister Jeanette Yonts mixed up. She told me how to tell them apart. I thought they looked alike. Both are pretty!

I remembered when Deloris and her sister Charlene Mason sang together at Mountain Heritage a long time ago. They were ‘Denim and Lace’. Do you remember that?

Dorthy Tacket had a birthday Sept. 29. We are the same age and have been friends about all of our lives.

Jamie Hatton and Dr. Jonathon Hatton’s wives, Julie and Andrea, and some of their friends have been on vacation in Florida. The men took care of the children while they were gone and went to Billy and Sandra’s lake house and had a great time. The men are going later, and the wives will take care of the children. Sounds like a good deal.

I’ve been to Whitesburg Grade School for Grandparents’ Day, two days this week.

Sandra Cook and I went for Ellie Mullins, Gracie Hatton and Anna Hatton, and we had lots more family kids there, and of course we enjoyed it and did a lot of visiting.

I can’t believe Tommy Fields is 70 years old. Christine Fields told it on you. He was a neighbor of ours when he was a small boy at Marlowe. I met him at Family Dollar Store a while back and didn’t recognize him, but he knew me. I don’t know how he remembered me. I told him he had dyed his hair white, as he used to have black hair, and so did I. He still looked good and I was glad to see him.

I saw where Joe Payne had a birthday. Late happy birthday, Joe! I have your CD of you and your wife, and I’m enjoying it. I think about your dad, the late Bro. Amos Payne, who lived close by.

Our Mountain Heritage is ending. I went to the parade, and my grandson Beau Hatton was in it. I don’t believe I have ever seen that many people. The weather was real nice and the traffic was terrible. I went to some of the booths and met lots of people there. I had to walk so much it totally wore me out. I don’t think I’ve ever been that tired. I just can’t walk that much anymore, especially uphill. I guess we live and learn sometimes.

My husband Clyde passed away five years ago, Sept. 29.

I just got word that my sister Kathleen Brock is back in Whitesburg Hospital again. She’s having a hard time, so please pray for her and also my sister Louise Shepherd.

Our sister Judy Greene has been in and spent a couple of nights with her at the home of Jerome Hatton. I’m sure they have enjoyed that.

Our Howard reunion is Oct. 11 at James Pennington’s place. I hope the weather will be good and maybe the leaves will be changing color. It’s so pretty there. I hope the sick will be better then.

Our three-night revival with Bro. David Miller will be on Oct. 8, 9 and 10. We are really looking forward to that.

I might mention this. My son Larry Hatton has a two-bedroom trailer for rent. It’s furnished except for a washer and dryer, and even has a swing on the porch. It’s on Beagle Road on Sandlick. You have to have some good references!

We are all family here, and we watch out for our children. We have had some bad renters and our last one was a great renter — the best! We hated to see them leave, and they hated it too. But there was a reason, and we understood it. I’m glad we still see them at church.

I guess everyone is wore out after the Mountain Heritage. I think we had more than we ever had. I saw a lot of people I had never seen. I’m glad the weather was good. One year we had all rain, but the people came anyway.

Well, I’m tired of writing and you’re tired of reading. I think it’s always boring, but I think it’s good for me and gives me something to do.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able. I sure look forward to mine! We’ve been having some great services.

Thank you, Vickie (Hatton) Underwood for sending me photos from Sandusky, Oh. She and her brother, Ivan, were born at Marlowe, and her parents were the late Vanessa and Junior Hatton.

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