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Howard family to hold Christmas party


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. Today is Friday and it’s a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, but it sure started out cold. We are supposed to have some snow over the weekend. I hope it passes us by. I thought I would get my news in early just in case.

I got a call yesterday from an old Marlowe boy, Gene Autry Adams, son of the late Margie and Chester Adams. They named all their sons cowboy names. They were our neighbors. He had been gone 30 years. He lives in McHenry, Ill., and gets The
and reads all about us all, and he breaks down when he reads about his old neighbors. He teared up talking to me.

I guess lots of people who don’t know about Marlowe get tired of hearing about it and seeing all the old pictures, but when I hear from folks from everywhere that love to hear it, it makes me glad and they keep on getting The Eagle
and so I’ll keep it up.

Dorthy Tackett, Pearl Noble and Linda Hall say hello to Gene Autry Adams, their nephew, and they all love him very much.

I heard from my friend Anna Watkins last night. She lives in Florida but came from Marlowe. She asked if I ever saw her niece Margaret Caudill and I said no, but guess what — I saw her at the grocery store today. She has been reading about Anna and asked about her and wants her phone number. I’ll give it to her so they can talk. I told her Anna and I talked last night about her. Anna is still in the hospital but is doing some better. I hope she gets out soon.

Larry Hatton and his son Chris and a friend of Chris all went to Tennessee for a ballgame. They lost the game, but the boys enjoyed the game and just being together.

My sister Louise Shepherd is supposed to have a heart cath. I hope everything goes all right. They are in Lexington.

Bennett Welch called and asked me about David Trent. I think he was going to call him. I hope David is feeling better.

Our Howard family will be having their Christmas party on Dec. 11 at Cowan Community Center. We haven’t been able to get it in a long time. It’s a real busy place. We reserved it real early this time. I hope the weather will be good and I hope lots of people can make it. It’s always fun.

I talked with Sara Ison today. She and her husband Clarence are both in poor health, but those two are tough and I think they will be okay.

I talked with Juanita Profitt today. She and Earl were about the same. She was going to Norton with her daughter Sheila to get new glasses, something I need to do also. I’ll get around to it soon. And it’s time to get my driver’s license renewed. I gotta remember that.

I’m having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit after a family reunion and birthday party — all that excitement.

You never know when or where you will meet new people. It was good meeting Shirley Jean Whitaker. I knew her name. Wendy and Kevin day bought their home from her and I had seen pictures of her in The
at different times. I knew she was in DAR and was a retired teacher. She had her aunt from Cumberland River with her and that woman was so beautiful! I couldn’t believe her age and I ain’t telling it. But they sure made my stay in the doctor’s office a lot more enjoyable.

I just got word my sister Louise was okay and was on her way home from Lexington. I’m pleased about that.

I’ve been reading all this over and I realize I have been rattling on and on. I’m sorry if I’ve bored you, but I will stop right here and say may God bless all of you. Try to be in church this Sunday if you are not snowed in and I will try not to rattle on so much next week!

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