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Howard family welcomes new baby boy


MARLOWE BOYS -  Pictured are (left to right, back row) Billy Hatton, Larry Hatton, (front row) Coach Hillard Howard, Robert Hatton, Astor

MARLOWE BOYS – Pictured are (left to right, back row) Billy Hatton, Larry Hatton, (front row) Coach Hillard Howard, Robert Hatton, Astor “Red” Hatton, and “your old carpet man” Charles Howard. Whitesburg correspondent Oma Hatton says, “They were little Marlowe boys. The picture was made in the middle ’50s.”

Hello, everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. Last week went by so fast!

We were so sorry to hear of the death of Fred Ison – we knew him from Marlowe days – and also the death of R.C. “Jr.” Cook. He called me a while back and asked me how he could get in the Veterans Center at Hazard. He got in real soon after that. I visited him there once. He was a very sick man. I heard he had gone back home, then I saw his name on the board at Letcher Funeral Home. Our sympathy goes out to both their families and all the others who have lost loved ones.

Bob Pennington and Effie Hatton have both been in the hospital. I hope they are both doing better. Both of them grew up in Marlowe. Effie is the daughter of the late Lettie and Elijah Dixon, and Bob is the son of the late Dora and Henry Pennington – all good friends of ours.

My little brother, Coach Hillard Howard, is having a birthday today (Wednesday). I’m not telling how old he on account of I took care of him when he was a baby. I could sure tell some interesting stories about him, but I don’t think he would appreciate it and I don’t blame him.

I enjoyed a call from Irene Hicks a few days ago. We miss her since she moved away. She comes back pretty often. She still has two daughters living here, Brenda Adams of Craft’s Colly and Belinda Conn of Whitco.

Charles and Brenda Howard have a new grandson. The baby’s mom and dad, Israel and Christina Howard, went to Richmond for the funeral of Christina’s grandfather and she decided to have the baby while she was there although it was almost a month early. It was a big boy, 8 pound, 8 ounces. She missed the big baby shower at Cram Creek Church; we had it without her. We had a good crowd and lots of good food and a good time. Sorry you missed it!

That is the first grandson for Charles and Brenda. They have two granddaughters, Kayla and Gracie, daughters of Chuck and Heather Howard.

I got a call from Ruby (Stidham) Combs the other day. She promised to send me some old Marlowe pictures. The people love seeing them, especially the ones who have moved away.

My sons, Rob and Billy, and I had our usual Wednesday dinner at the Grill and enjoyed it. We really look forward to that each week. Rob spent the weekend in Lexington with all his children to celebrate his son-in-law’s birthday. Late happy birthday, Matt Hill, and hello to wife Rocki and to Adrienne and Dr. Kevin Hatton and their two adorable little sons, William and Loren.

I haven’t heard from Sara Ison in a while. I sure enjoy her news when she feels up to writing. She is so down to earth and so interesting to talk to. When I get a chance I want to go down and visit her and Clarence. I hope they are doing OK.

I met Anna Bell Wright in Wal-Mart the other day. I told her about my little Annabell. Anna Bell is going to be in the Relay for Life. She would like to be the Golden Girl. I hope all her friends will help her. She’s a nice person.

The 30-day revival at Cram Creek Church where Bro. Earnest Brock is pastor is over now. They have had some really good preaching there and real good attendance. The folks there really appreciate all the people from all the other churches and everyone who came.

My son, Larry Hatton, and I went to visit Clyde on Sunday. He seemed to be having a good day; that always pleases me. I wish there was more I could do for him, but I really appreciate the good care he gets there. I don’t have to worry about that. I know most of the workers there and really like them.

I don’t know if a lot of you people get the Angel Food from the First Baptist Church. If you don’t, you are missing out on a good bargain. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that much food for $30 and it’s great food. Their meat is especially nice and wrapped ready for your freezer. All the volunteer workers are so helpful to carry it to your car. It’s too much for a woman to carry.

There will be a baby shower for Erica and Bro. Caleb Howard on Friday, April 11, at 6:30 p.m. at Cowan Community Center. It’s a girl and expected in May. Everyone is invited! The Howard family is growing fast, but we have room for more and enough love for all.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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