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Howard family welcomes two new babies




Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I wish I had some good exciting news for you.

I guess the most exciting news is our family has two new babies born last week. One is Erica and Caleb Howard’s beautiful little girl, 8 pounds, 8 ounces, beautiful with lots of black hair. The other one is a little blond boy, also beautiful. He is the son of Tonya and Chris Caudill and the grandson of Jenetta Howard and the late Eddie Howard.

I enjoyed visiting my neighbor, Camille (Combs) Fettering, on Saturday. She looked good, but she needs everyone’s prayers. She has a lot of spunk and her faith.

She said the worst part was not being able to go to church. Too many people are able to go and just won’t go. It’s a great privilege to get to go. I can’t imagine my life without my church. Everyone needs a church and a church family.

She wants me to come back and look at her Marlowe pictures and I will surely do that. She is a sweet lady. I watched her grow up.

SEVEN WEEKS OLD -  Coleman Charles Howard is pictured with his parents, Israel and Christina Howard. His grandparents are Charles and Brenda Howard, and Johnn and Tammy Brockman.

SEVEN WEEKS OLD – Coleman Charles Howard is pictured with his parents, Israel and Christina Howard. His grandparents are Charles and Brenda Howard, and Johnn and Tammy Brockman.

She graduated high school with my son, Bill Hatton. They are having their 40th anniversary next month. I can’t believe I have sons being out of high school that long. I think it’s been 44 years for Rob – just don’t be thinking that makes me old. I’m still young at heart till I look in a mirror and have a rude awakening.

I got a call on Sunday night from Eilene Whitaker of Dry Fork. She said she had been in the hospital two months with fluid around her lungs. I hope she’s doing better. She says she sits with Opal Hogg in church. I always think about her when I drive past her house.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Gaynell (Caudill) Begley. When we lived in Blackey we bought all our groceries from her parents, C.B. and Tessie Mae, at the C.B. Caudill Store. Clyde and I visited the store when Gaynell and her husband, Joe Begley, had a museum there. It was interesting. Her sister, Charles Ann (Caudill) Mullis, and I started first grade together at Blackey School. I’m not telling what year that was.

I think I will be seeing lots of my family on Memorial Day, Rob’s family, his children Dr. Kevin Hatton and family and Rocki and Matt Hill and of course the grandchildren, Will and Loren. I look forward to seeing them.

I hope all this rain we have been getting is making the gardens grow. I think more people are planting gardens since the price of food is going up. There’s nothing better than fresh food out of the garden, but a lot of hard work goes into it.

It was good seeing Margaret and Bill Collier at Pine Mountain Grill on Sunday.

My sister, Judy Green of Somerset, had a birthday on May 20. Happy birthday, “Little Sis.”

I hope the election went well and all the best candidates won. I haven’t been real excited about this one.

Lots of folks have been slowing down passing my place. I hope they enjoy seeing my baby goats playing. They are so cute! I think Annabellis finally accepting the fact taht she is a goat and not a human, but she is spoiled rotten. I have to pick her up and pat her when I go feed them and she cries when I leave. She is still little.

I think Sandra and Billy Hatton spent the weekend at their lake house. We will be having a wedding there next month, Jonathan “Jump” Hatton and Andrea Barker. I’m looking forward to that. I haven’t been able to go down there for a while. I love it there; it is so beautiful.

I will probably have some pretty baby pictures for next week.

There hasn’t been much going on this week.

This news from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

“Ermine senior citizens went to Knott County’s Sportsplex to play in the Senior Games. Our center won 20 medals. We won gold, silver, and bronze, also two trophies and one plaque.

“Ralph Collier won four, Andrew Sexton three, Lydia Sexton three, Rhuford Hart two, Coleen Hart two, Ruby Caudill two, Carl Parrott one, Rose Collier one, Debbie Miranda one,and Lizzie M. Wright one.

“Ruby Caudill received a plaque for being the oldest lady there, being 85 years young. Also, her medal was for walking around the walking track. Carl Parrott and Ralph Collier won a trophy each for being in the cheerleaders. Letcher County’s cheerleaders own first place and each received a trophy. We are all proud of them.

“Thursday is our potluck dinner and we are celebrating by honoring our soldiers with pictures on display. We are having special singers, bingo, and door prizes, also lots and lots of good food. So, if you are a senior citizen, come and join us in the fun. You are more than welcome. God bless all until next time.”

May God bless all of you. Try to go to church somewhere this week if you are able.

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