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Howard reunion draws a big crowd


Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I hope you missed my news last week. I didn’t have time to write.

We had our Howard reunion, and I had lots of company, and we had our best reunion we’ve had in a long time. Over 150 people were there. Ruby Howard and Brenda and Dexter Howard of Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Don and Joann Brown of Indianapolis, Ind., and their son Chad Brown and his family; all my sons and their families; and Judy and Johnny Green of Frankfort were there.

It was real nice seeing Mildred Necessary Webb, the wife of Danny Webb, old Marlowe friends, and too many more to mention. The weather was good, and we had a great time and, of course, lots of great food.

The revival at Cram Creek Church as been going really well.

We have had so many of our friends in the hospital, Geneva Adams, Aggie Hatton and David Trent. I visited them last week. I hope they will be out of there soon. I enjoyed seeing and talking with them.

Late happy birthday wishes to Gary Joe Bennett. I love to hear that boy sing.

My brother Hubert Howard and I went to Ashland and spent the night with my son Astor and his wife, last week. I always enjoy that.

My son Rob and I went to a birthday party Sunday for Anna Hatton, the threeyear old daughter of Julie and Jamie Hatton. It was so cute. I never saw so many little kids all dressed up in their Halloween outfits so pretty. She had lots of grandparents there, Diane and Dickie Adams, Sandra and Billy Hatton, and two greatgrandparents, Hargis Ison and myself. We had as much fun as the kids, and lots of good food also, and pretty weather. We had it outside.

Aggie Hatton got out of the hospital on Saturday, but had to go back on Sunday. She needs everyone’s prayers.

I haven’t heard from my friend, Roberta Willie of Roanoke, Va., in awhile. Everything has been so busy here, with homecomings, revivals, folks being sick, and reunions, and time is flying so fast! I enjoyed it all, except for the sick ones.

David Trent is still in the hospital, and so is Geneva Adams. I hope they get out soon.

I’m supposed to have a little outpatient toe surgery in Corbin this week. I hope I make it back in time for church. I love my church!

The revival at Cram Creek Church ended last Saturday night. My nephew, Bro. Caleb Howard, really preached well. He always does, and always has a large attendance. If you get a chance to hear him, don’t miss it!

We have had so many deaths in our community, and we off er our sympathy to all our families, the Collinses, the Vances, and so many more.

One lady was the sister of one of my old Marlowe neighbors, the late Mattie Taylor. Her name was Verna, and I didn’t know her last name. I would have gone to the funeral and have seen the family.

I knew her sister, Esta Mae, and I didn’t know her last name either. I know all of the children of the late Mattie and Tommy Taylor, and still keep in touch with some of them, especially Joella Taylor Sturgill. She graduated with one of my sons.

I think Joella, Madonna, Sharon and Robert ‘Buddy,’ all live in Ohio.

Does anyone out there need any cats or kittens? I have any kind you would want. They are all beautiful and litter-box trained. I have way too many. They are real good cats, and follow me everywhere. I call myself the Pied Piper.

I’m still thinking about our family reunion. There were so many good friends there. I hope I talked to everyone; I tried to. I know my voice was about gone when I got home. It was a great day.

Well, my hand is tired, and I’m sure you are tired of reading. I feel like I know all of you.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. You will be glad you went.

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