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Partly sunny

Howard reunion planned for Oct. 22

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I want to wish a belated happy birthday to Glen Miles, Scott Howard and Daisy Collins. I met her awhile back at Childers Oil while we were waiting for an oil change, and I enjoyed talking to her. I think that was the only time I’ve seen her.

Also, I need to clear up some mistakes I made in last week’s news. I heard that Yvonne Hammock was in Pikeville Hospital to have heart surgery, but it turns out that it was her husband, Lennon Hammock, instead of her. I hope he is doing well.

Also, the picture that I put in of Larry Hatton and Frank Perry, I put in that Larry’s friend, Frank, had retired after 26 years of being a scorekeeper and timekeeper of all of Whitesburg High School and Letcher Central games.

I got lots of calls asking if Larry had retired from helping Kevin Day on the games on the radio. No, Larry loves that too much to quit. I guess I didn’t make it plain. Whitesburg

Iva Cheatham of Stanford, I read in Emma Lou Engle’s news that you had fallen and got hurt. I was going to call you and seem to have misplaced your phone number. I had your address. I hope you got my card and I hope you and Jack are doing better.

I also read in Creda Isaacs’s news that Ray and Yvonne Hall had been in visiting Carol and Edsel Baker. They were our Marlowe people, and Carol’s dad, Corsie Hatton, was my husband Clyde’s first cousin. I wish I had seen them.

All you Howards, don’t you forget about our Howard reunion on Oct. 22 on Pine Mountain on James Pennington’s place. My brother Hillard and wife Marsha are planning on coming. I talk to him pretty often, and I miss him. Hello, little brother.

I enjoyed the singers, Kevin Spencer and the Freemans, at the church where Bro. Dock Frazier is pastor. He’s been my friend for many years.

I went to a baby shower in Seco for Angela Howard. It was a good shower with lots of people and gifts and food. I met a lady I hadn’t seen in a long time, Gert Cook. She sat with me and Joyce Howard and Evaleena (Smith). I don’t know her last name, but we did a lot of talking and I enjoyed it.

I also met a nice lady in Walmart, Wilma Holbrook. She said she knew I was one of the Howards, and I admitted I was. I enjoyed talking with her.

She said that her brother, Ralph Caudill, was sick and needed prayer. I’ve known Ralph and his wife Wanda a long time. They live close to my brother, Hubert Howard.

I’ve been talking to Roland Brown Jr. I call him Little Roland. His dad, Roland Brown, has been real sick and in Whitesburg Hospital and I didn’t know it or I would have visited him.

I think he was supposed to go home Monday. I sure hope he is doing okay. I told Roland I was staying busy and not getting anything done. I feel like someone has pushed a fast-forward button on me, time seems to be going so fast.

I just heard one of our Marlowe girls has died, Loraine Brown, the widow of Dan Perry. I’ll tell more about it next week.

Well, it’s almost church time so a big hello to all my friends everywhere. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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