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Howard reunion set for May 25


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

We finally got around to celebrating our sister Louise Shepherd’s birthday this week. All four of our sisters, Louise, Kathleen Brock, Betty Tyree and myself, had lunch at Pine Mountain Grill. Two of our brothers, Jack Howard and Charles Howard, joined us and we were so glad they did. The more the merrier, right?

Now we are looking forward to the Howard family reunion on May 25. Get ready, all you Howards and friends.

I’m leaving on Sunday going to Georgetown. My son Astor “Red” is coming to get me and we are planning on going to Owensboro to visit my son Rob. I’m getting excited about going. I don’t go much, I’m a homebody, but I love seeing my boys. I’m glad my other two live here, Larry and Billy and their families.

Sandra and Billy are going to their lake house to celebrate their grandson Sam Mullins’s 12th birthday. They are taking five of his friends. Sounds like fun to me.

It was good talking to Alma Tindle yesterday. She’s been a longtime friend and also her husband Lester. They are good people. Everyone I know likes them.

Our church had a ham dinner sale on Wednesday and did real well. We appreciated all that helped and also the ones who worked hard and the ones who delivered them. We are proud of our church and our pastor, Bro. John Conn, and his wife Alice.

I hope all you mothers had a happy Mother’s Day and got to spend time with your families.

We offer our sympathy to the family of Kenneth Sexton. He lived just around the road from me and his wife Bertha Mae lived real close to me.

Sympathy also to the family of Lenville “Buddy” Hatton. He was a second cousin of my husband Clyde. He had been real sick for a while. He lived at Whitco.

My sister Louise has gone to the lake for a few days with her friend Nanetta Dingus. They have been friends for a long time.

We have had such beautiful weather for a while. But the weatherman says it’s supposed to be cold this weekend and probably some frost. I’ll have to take my crop inside, both of my tomato plants.

Bro. Tony Brown, I just have to tell you how much I have enjoyed your teaching on the Book of Proverbs. I don’t think I have missed a one of them. I especially like the one on Friday on “Silence”. That was really good advice to all of us. There are times we need to be silent and listen. I look forward every morning to your teaching. It’s part of my devotion.

Congratulations to my great-granddaughter Taylor Shaffer of Russell, who was graduated from high school, and for her scholarship to college. I’m so proud of you, Taylor. She is the daughter of Jennifer and Brian Shaffer of Russell. She is also a great singer. She has even sung in Carnegie Hall and she also sang at the funeral of her great-grandfather, Clyde Hatton, my late husband, in 2009. She was very young then.

I called my friend Dorthy Tacket. She’s had thyroid surgery. I was glad to hear everything went well and she’s doing well. She had her favorite son (only one) Albert Tacket visiting and they were all getting together to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday, all the food being catered from Isom IGA. They will have great food. It always is, everyone loves it. With all your family being there it will be a great day. You deserve it. You are a good mother and a great friend of mine.

I also called her sister Linda Hall to ask about her husband Dennis Hall in UK Hospital in Lexington. He may have to go to rehab. He needs prayer. Linda sure misses him. I hope he gets rehab here if he has to have it, to be close to home.

Emma Lou Engle, I hope you are doing better. I called you when you were real sick and you were too sick to talk to me.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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