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Howards gather for family reunion


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I hope none if you got any damage from the big windstorm last week on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think that was the hardest wind I had ever seen. It sure moved things around. It blew a pine tree down on the top of one of my storage buildings. I don’t think it did a lot of damage.

It sure has been cold. The Ermine Center was supposed to go to Hazard on Thursday, but we had to call it off on account of the weather. We were looking forward to it.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Chester Lee Wilson, who died in New York. His brother Bill Wilson went to visit him last week. He was the son of the late Robert (Buddy) Wilson and Lucy (Absher) Wilson, who lived in Whitco. I’ve known the family about all my life.

It was good talking to Linda (Pennington) Hall the other evening. I told her I hadn’t got any news from her sister Dorthy Tacket in a while. She must be staying in since the weather has gotten cold. I think she’s quilting. Hello, Dorthy!

I talked to my son Astor “Red” in Ashland. He has strep throat and tonsillitis and can’t hardly talk. I hope he will soon be over it. I can’t imagine Red not talking.

We had our Howard Christmas party on Saturday. I think it was about the best one we have had. Large crowd and lots of good food. All the children of the late Bill and Cindy Howard were there except Betty Tyree. We had a country ham for a door prize and our brother Charles Howard won it. I was sorry my son Astor and his wife didn’t make it. He was still stick.

My son Rob came in and spent two nights with me. I sure enjoyed that. Rob and I and Sandra and Billy Hatton had breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill. My sister Joann Brown and husband Donald and their son Chad Brown and wife and children joined us and then headed back to Indianapolis, Ind.

We had to postpone the candlelight service at Green Acres Cemetery on account of rain. We plan on having it next Sunday on Dec. 20. Hope the weather will be good. We really enjoy that. It is so beautiful. A lot of work goes into it and we appreciate Everidge Funeral Home. I certainly appreciate them for putting a light on the Tree of Hope at the hospital in memory of Clyde.

I also thank my good friend Anna Watkins for the 10 Gideon Bibles she gave in memory of Clyde. So many nice things have been done. I can’t thank folks enough. It sure meant a lot to me.

We have sure had some bad weather — wind, rain, and cold — and winter hasn’t even started yet.

My sister-in-law Joyce Howard came out and visited and brought me and Rob some candy. It was real good. Joyce is like a sister to us.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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