Whitesburg KY

Hubbards celebrate sixth anniversary

My sympathy to the family of Chris Bates. He died in Indianapolis week before last. He is formerly from Elk Creek and his aunt, Draxie Bates Banks of Michigan, also died that week. She was 99.

Happy birthday to McKenzie Miller of Blackey. It was on Jan. 10. Happy birthday also to his niece Kylie Miller. She turned 3 on Jan.18. She is the daughter of Jai and Michelle Miller, and the granddaughter of Fred Dixon and the late Lenore Dixon and Billie Miller, all of Blackey.

Keith Adams is home after having bypass surgery and is doing a lot better. We are all glad to hear that. Blackey

Happy birthday to Shelby Vice of Elk Creek. She turned 5 on Jan. 12. She is the daughter of Kyle and Heather Vice, and the granddaughter of Teresa and Will Collins of Whitesburg and Willie and Gina Bates of Blackey.

Nathan Pennington of Elk Creek has been in Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital to check for tumors like the ones he had to have removed last September. He has been sick for awhile now. I wish him the best.

Virgil Combs of Carcassonne is home again. He spent about a week in Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. He has so many problems with his breathing. Hopefully he will feel better soon.

Happy anniversary to Jimmy and Megan Hubbard of Carcassonne. It was their sixth on Jan. 15.

Emory Caudill of Carcassonne had to have some tests run and found out he has bone cancer. His daughter Jenny said he will be having some more done to see what exactly is going on and can what can be done. I wish him the best.

Happy birthday to Manis Blair of Elk Creek. It was on Jan.18. Tootsie Johnson of Carbon glow has one on the 24th.

Rhonda Hatton Hudson has been in HARH and is doing some better. She has been having some health problems for awhile now. Her brother-in-law Carlo Cornett of Blackey has been having some problems and is having tests run to see for sure what it is. I wish them both the best.

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