Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Human nature to complain


Looks like spring has sprung once again. We should have some nice warm weather until the blackberries bloom, at which time we will have another cold spell.

By then it is usually as hot as Grandma’s kitchen with a coal and wood stove in it utilized for cooking and baking. But it really doesn’t matter, people will be complaining by then that the weather is too hot.

It is human nature for humans to complain and wish about anything and everything that doesn’t suit their taste. But thank God, man cannot control the weather. I can only imagine what a mess it would be if he could.

The redbuds and dogwoods have certainly been beautiful and one could smell the redbud blossoms while driving along the highway. The cold spell was a little early and I really didn’t know if they would bloom out fully or not. I have seen them more beautiful but all in all they did quite well.

The redbud leaves are coming out now as they drop their blooms. They are called redbuds when, really, the blooms are not red at all. I suppose we could call them Valentine trees because their leaves are shaped like Valentines. But why mess with tradition and make a mess of things?

The dogwood has a traditional history, but I wouldn’t touch that one with a 10-foot pole.

The seasons have changed drastically since I was a youngster, especially planting time. We plant now later than we did back then because of the danger of frost.

I guess I will box garden again this year. I got a slow start last year, but did OK. Anyway, I love to plant a few seeds and be able to grow something that my family can enjoy. I plant the seeds but the Lord does the rest by giving the increase.

That’s all from the funny farm ‘til next time.

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