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Partly cloudy

Humidity is the real problem

Hard to believe it’s that time again. Seems time just doesn’t wait for anyone or anything. Hope everyone is having a great summer and not so many storms and humid days. Heat I can take, but humidity just plain zaps me nowadays. Have concluded that I ain’t no spring chicken no more, just an old tough hen.

Red has been having too many bad days lately, but I’m still doing okay. My main complaint is tiredness or to put it like it is, laziness.

I have gotten several calls. Red’s niece Carleta Engle Adams has called twice from Eolia, his niece Lena (Hampton) Stallard called from Pound, Va., and his brother Charles from Jenkins. I called my sister Jeanie Sergent Adams in Louisville, also talked to sister Anna Lea Sergent Goins in Whitesburg. We also had two calls, one from sister-in-law Jettie Sergent (Chester) in North Ridgeville, Ohio, and the other from Isom.

Love to hear from down home folk, even if we’ve never met. Howdy, Hargis Ison, I really enjoyed talking with you and I hope you and your family are having a great summer and all are well. Being a cousin to Phil, he knows Phil and Jeanie and went to Stuart Robinson School with Chester and Henry Warren. He said he had been reading my column for some time but just recently discovered who I was related to. Thank you so much, Hargis, for your kind words. Kinda makes this ole lady feel pretty good. I’m sure we know lots of the same people. It was good to hear from you.

Been picking more beans. Just about have a pot full cooked at all times. Redia stopped by this afternoon and I sent enough by her for their supper. We are getting several ripe ‘maters but cucumbers and peppers ain’t adoin’ much. Guess we got them out too late.

Billy Wayne and I went to Cincinnati and spent the day with Sarah Belle and Anna Lea who had come up from Whitesburg to spend a few days with Sarah. We had a good day and a good trip. Hadn’t seen Anna in a year and Sarah in two, we had a lot of catching up to do. Ronald Buford is there now, he’s taking her to see her doctor for a full day of tests and whatever. I’ll be waiting on pins and needles to hear the outcome.

Johnell couldn’t make it up this trip due to the death of an aunt. Johnell, you and your family have my heartfelt sympathy and also my love and prayers. I love you dearly and we are all looking forward to seeing you real soon.

Red just called his sister Nina, Jenkins, and was really pleased. He said she sounded so good. Red is talking to Charles right now. I’m so glad they call him and he really looks forward to talking with them.

Just got green beans, ‘taters and cornbread ready to put on table. Made a meatloaf but we opted to forgo any kind of meat tonight. We both prefer vegetables, not that we are vegans, just country.

When Lena called, she said some of the Engle family are planning to come up for the Engle-Sergent picnic. I sure hope they make it. It’s been a long time since any of them have been to one. It’s their picnic also as one can see by the names.

I have finally started getting some letters in the mail, just gotta start doing better.

Won’t be long till Gal Friday shows up, so I had better get this finished.

Just got a call from a very dear friend, Clara Pfister, Michigan. She’s one special lady. I just love her and also her sister, Kathy Hoffman, Erlanger.

I am going to stop now, wishing all a pleasant day, a most peaceful one. Love and prayers to all.

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