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Hunker down, Mother Nature is at it again

Southern Ohio

Hello again!

How is everything in your little corner of the world? I hope everyone is warm and your belly is full of something good to eat.

Buckle your seats belts or hunker down as we are in for another ride with Mother Nature! Last year we had such a mild winter and I really believe we are paying for it now double time.

When someone starts to complain how hot it is in a few months, I hope they aren’t within screaming distance as I might let out an ear-piercing scream.

I am afraid to go outside to check my propane supply. It seems there’s something called ‘allocation,’ which means they are only allowed to deliver 200 gallons at a time.

Duke Energy is asking people to cut back on electricity, yet they raise electric bills so people can’t afford to pay their bill.

I know it is a little late for Christmas memories, oh what am I saying, my small tree is still up.

While I was helping a friend put away her Christmas decorations, something happened to make me think of Grandma Rosa Hall.

Grandma always wore the heavy, tan, long cotton stockings. Oh I can see her twisting them at the top above her knees to hold them up as lots of times she didn’t have garters to hold them up.

We didn’t get toys as children, though Daddy always made sure we had candy and fruit. A few times Mommy would borrow one of Grandma’s stockings. I can still see that long stocking with a Red Delicious apple and an orange, plus pieces of assortment of candy in them.

It is rather ironic how such a small thing can bring so many memories flooding back from your childhood.

Dad’s sister, Victoria Whitaker, died when I was five or six years old. I remember Aunt Vick bought me a ball that had stars and I believe stripes on it, when I was in first grade at Mill Branch School.

I took the ball to school and the creek was up due to some heavy rains. Some of us children were bouncing the ball, and of course the ball went in the creek and away it went. The memories remain to this day, so many years later.

I wanted so bad to head for the mountains for Christmas, but we’ve had such cold weather and snow that I am really afraid to travel when it is winter.

Was everyone good so Santa brought everything on your list? I was very naughty this year so Santa sort of bypassed me.

My daughter Anna and her husband Scott Nottingham, along with Sarah, Jessica, Katelyn and boss man two-year-old Kyle, came for a while. I always give Anna money to buy the kids gifts. Kyle is at the age where he likes Toy Story with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Anna got Kyle a Woody hat and accessories from me.

When Kyle put the hat on the little dickens raised it in the air, and said, “Yeeehaw.” He is something else.

Katelyn submitted a drawing to be used in a calendar called ‘America the Beautiful,’ at Beechwood School. Her drawing was picked to be on the November page. Katelyn’s birthday is in November.

My granddaughter Jennifer Gray brought my sixyear old great-grandson T.J. Proctor to see me Christmas Eve. T. J. decided he had stayed long enough and was ready to go see his Papaw. Jennifer explained she wanted to spend some time with me, and T.J. told her that I could go to with them too. He said, “ Mamaw, can go to Papaw’s too.”

I had to turn my head to keep him from seeing me laughing. Jennifer said, “Oh that is so funny.”

T.J. and my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold are three weeks different in age. T.J., Bennie and Kyle think because I am sort of little that I am their age.

Angie fixed Christmas dinner and I was too sick to go. She offered to bring me food and all I wanted to do was wrap up in my electric blanket and go to sleep. I was so cold.

Friday afternoon I came home from a difficult day. The mailman was just pulling away after dropping a package on my porch. Someone was so kind to send me shuckey beans. As I opened my door there were two bags hanging on my door from Barb, Terry Carolyn, and Daphne, the girls I have lunch with. Santa came early.

This is one Christmas that I wished I could have skipped. I finally did get a small tree up. I did drag my big one down the steps along with the Christmas ornaments, which never did get assembled. I managed to put a couple of my lighted houses out, and that was about it. This is the first time in 52 years I’ve not had a big tree in my living room, which is always beautiful.

I never did get the fivefoot Santa out of the basement to put on the front porch.

It seems this Christmas has been rather hard for lots of people.

Anna wanted me to with her and the girls to Festival of the Lights at the zoo, and how I wish I had gone. Anna said it was chilly but not uncomfortable as they were dressed warm. She said it began to snow as they were just about ready to leave.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold and I attended a memorial service for my son-in-law Scott Nottingham’s dad, Glen Nottingham.

I teased Anna and told her I was going to Fairborn to listen to bluegrass music. I have to be honest, part of me wasn’t teasing.

Monday night Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers will be at Hunters Pizzeria. I hope I will get to see my extended family Les and Pat Wagner along with Larry and Becky Hasty and their daughter Polly and my little special Kelly.

Johnny and Calihan had all their family home for Christmas except their daughter, Sue Wagnerb who lives so far and had been coming in so frequently.

Friday afternoon I had to almost glue my feet to the floor to make them stay home. Sunrise Ridge was playing at Hemphill Community Center.

I helped a friend get ready for company and I was just too tired to go anywhere though it was such a beautiful day.

I am going to try to find a little time to go see Doyle and Betty Ison, and maybe Betty and I can go for a ride.

Hello to my brother Jerry, and Mattie Hall. Hello to my two special young readers, James and John Ison. When it gets warm weather and I am in the mountains, maybe I might let them buy me a Coke at McDonald’s. Just kidding, boys.

James and John are loved very much by Les and Pat, so we have something in common.

Shirley Wells, along with three of her daughters, went to Opryland to see the Christmas lights. Oh would I have loved to been there with them.

Well I am tired, so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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