Whitesburg KY

Hunters hope for tom turkey

Jeremiah and surrounding areas were sad to learn of the death of Curt Adams. His services were held at the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church April 12. Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Also, sympathy to the family of Gary Jent, who recently died.

Get well wishes to David Jent, who recently had heart surgery. He is home recuperating and is still pretty weak, which is to be expected.

Lots of fellows hit the woods on the first day of turkey season in hopes of getting a big tom turnkey.

Michael Burnett Caudill got close to killing one, but just before getting his shot, his beagle had followed him and barked, and scared the turkey away. I guess you could say that his beagle was “in the doghouse.”

Berma Matthews was glad to get a turkey dinner with good “grub” trimmings, including dryland fish mushrooms and blackberry cobbler for dessert, all thanks to her Wilder neighbors.

Libby Smith and I had a good turnout for our Route 7 Artisan Fellow- ship birdhouse decorating class. Fourteen participants came out to build a blue birdhouse and to decorate it in a variety of styles, with everything from jewelry to small, old tools.


Ever yone left with a unique, one-of-a-kind house and we appreciate them for attending, and hope they learned enough to build another one if they wanted to.

The Blackey Community Center is a nice meeting place, and a good work area.

This past Wednesday members of the Blair Branch Church met for our annual spring cleaning at the church. It was our meeting time on Saturday evening and Sunday. We had a very large crowd attending and we had a nice service with dinner afterwards.

Rodney Ison was able to attend on Saturday evening. His son, Tim, brought him. He hadn’t been able to attend for a couple of months and we have missed him and Geraldine, both.

On Saturday, a birthday party was held at the Shriners Building in Whitesburg to honor Ruth Frazier’s 90th birthday. A large crowd attended to wish her a happy day. She and her late husband, Atlas, touched many lives, and their family has also .

Get well wishes to Dorothy Wright. She hasn’t been feeling well lately, and her sister, Cora Lee, got to feeling bad at Blair Branch Church on Saturday evening, and had to leave to go to the emergency room. We hope both of them are doing better.

Terry Caudill of Adams Branch had surgery recently, and hopefully he can feel better and have a smooth recovery.

The Route 7 Artisan Fellowship was pleased to receive a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. We’re just a small group hoping to make a difference in the area by generating some ways to earn a little extra income and promote local artists, among other things.

We appreciate the Brushy Fork Institute at Berea for helping us in our efforts, and the support we have gotten from our local community members and merchants.

That’s all I have time for this week. Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys our warm weather!

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