Whitesburg KY

Hunters stumble upon meth lab waste

Police found the remains of a methamphetamine lab at an old strip mine site on Dunham Mountain Saturday.

Lt. Brian Damron of the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department said hoses, coolers and Mason jars were found at the site, which are all items used in making the “shake and bake one-pot method.”

Sheriff ’s Deputy Mike Burton and Jenkins Police Officer Scott Ratliff responded to the complaint after some hunters came across the meth lab.

Damron said police suspect the meth lab is connected to the same people who were arrested earlier this year for making a similar meth lab in McRoberts.

“We’re commonly seeing this type of meth being made on abandoned mine sites,” said Damron. “They are going up there and camp while the product is being mad and discarding what they don’t want.”

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