Whitesburg KY

Hunters take 205 wild turkeys here

Wild turkey hunters in Letcher County killed 205 birds during the 2017 spring season that ended May 7, all of them males.

The number of turkeys killed in Letcher County was the 22nd highest in the 29-county southeast region as identified by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Pulaski County led the region with 610 birds killed, followed by Wayne (430), Adair (429), Whitley (402), Laurel (392), Cumberland (355), Lincoln (347), and Green (343).

Of the far southeastern Kentucky counties, where the terrain is much steeper and hunting conditions much more difficult, Knott County led the way in the wild turkey harvest with 267 birds killed, ranking it No. 12 in the 29-county area. Breathitt followed, with 253 turkeys killed.

The turkey hunting results in other counties neighboring Letcher are: Harlan (228), Perry (221), and Pike (397). Pike, the state’s largest county, is located in the Fish and Wildlife Departments Northeast Region.

The total wild turkey harvest for the Southeast Region was 7,780 birds killed. Of those 7,831 were male and 51 were female.

Statewide, 32,801 turkeys were killed between April 15 and May 7. Of that number, 33,057 were males and 256 females.

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