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I am ready for summer

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone. Did you get a lot of goodies for Valentine’s Day?

I was a bad girl at Christmas so Santa never stopped by, and my behavior hasn’t improved so I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day either.

Willamae Boggs never let a Valentine’s Day or anything special go by without sending me a card. Lots of times she would just send a beautiful card for no reason at all.

Arlyn Halcomb and Gwen Huff was very thoughtful also. Oh I miss talking to Willamae and Gwen. Time doesn’t seem to diminish the longing to hear their voices again.

I see the mountains of eastern Kentucky are covered with snow, and the Ohio Valley area is too. If I don’t see another snowflake until next winter, it will suit me just fine. I am so ready for summer and 90-degree temperatures.

My furnace has been out for two weeks, and I am supposed to have a new furnace put in this week. I have often wondered how the homeless people survive staying out in the elements. At least I have electric heaters and a couple of electric blankets.

Two of my daughters wants me to come to their house, but I can’t leave because my water lines would freeze. Actually it isn’t all that bad, except in my bedroom. Let’s just say it doesn’t take me long to get my gown on and get under my covers.

I have two electric heaters going in my living room as it is a large room.

These past two weeks sure have made me think of my childhood. At least I have water that isn’t freezing in a bucket and don’t have to get up to build a fire, although that I wouldn’t really mind. I let my thoughts wander back in time once more. I grew up without all the modern necessities that are taken for granted today.

When my husband and I were first married, we lived in a house for years without water in the house and a little outhouse out back. We lived in the country with no neighbors, and if nature called at night I would wake my husband out of a sound sleep and make him walk with me.

I was too ashamed to buy a pot like Mommy used for us kids when we were little.

Oh well, it could always be worse. If the weather ever permits, I will get my car towed to the garage. I really miss it, though the van sure has come I handy.

Once again I find myself thinking of selling and going into a small apartment, if I can find one with a deck. Oh heck when the grass gets green and the flowers start to bloom, I will change my mind.

I am glad to see there’s going to be a bluegrass festival at Roxana. I didn’t attend any festivals when they were there before.

Les and Pat Wagner have been wanting to head for the mountains, but the weather has been to bad to travel. I told Pat that I was going to be standing beside the road and hitch a ride with them.

I haven’t seen Les and Pat nor Larry and Becky Hasty for some time, nor have I been to Hunter’s Pizzeria to hear Tony Hale and the Black Water Bluegrass Band.

RR2 Bluegrass Band doesn’t play much during the winter months. Their guitar picker Bruce Murray has been ill for a few months, which means I haven’t enjoyed the mandolin picking and singing of Gary Eldridge, so life is getting boring.

Hello Glenora Eldridge. I hope you and Kenneth are doing alright and staying cozy.

I haven’t been to see my grandchildren for a while either, so it is about time I get out and about

I do talk to Betty and Doyle Ison a little, but with the aggravation of the furnace and everything else, it is hard to concentrate.

My brother Jerry Hall is still not doing too well. Hello to Jerry and Mattie.

Hello to James and John Ison. I am really glad these two young guys enjoy my column.

Well, I need to get busy, so until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367-4682.

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