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I fixed my first turkey at age 12

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a great day whether it is spent with family friends or whether you are alone!

As I was growing up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, I can never remember Thanksgiving be observed as an elegant or extravagant time. Such as having a turkey, why Mom wouldn’t have known what to do with it anyway! Oh how I remember her shucky beans and her stack cakes that would melt in your mouth.

I fixed the first turkey at age 12 years old with the help of Berniece Adams sharing the recipe with this child who was a grownup in lots of ways. As I have said before, I grew up taking care of others.

Sometimes I wish I could put all those I care about in a big huge bubble to protect them from every little bump in the journey called life!

I’ve often said in reference to my children when someone said they have to hit rock bottom, that I have always tried to get in between and put a cushion to soften the landing, which I know isn’t a good idea. I am smart enough to know that part of that also comes from being on my own at such a young age.

I am so proud of my children, and grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

My granddaughter Sarah Nottingham is mentioned in the local paper for being on the honor roll at Beechwood School. I really don’t know how Sarah and other students have time to study. Sarah is taking a few days break in band, deciding what they are going to be into next as she is in color guard also.

My daughter Anna is slowly getting back to being able to move without too much pain, that is until she was coming home from a Girl Scout outing. While putting something in the back of her SUV, on which the door goes up when opened, as she closed it she hit herself in the forehead and across the nose, and somehow managed to get her right shoulder in the process. She is sort of sore and luckily doesn’t have two black eyes, just slightly bruised.

I do think she is trying to do too much. How do you keep someone down? So far she has only been down the steps to the basement once as I know of when I wasn’t there.

I haven’t had time to be in touch with anyone this week so I hope Ann and Johnny Calihan and the family are doing alright. I bet the Calihans are planning on a big feast for Thanksgiving as their family is always there. Southern Ohio

I don’t know about Doyle and Betty, if they will be going to their son’s, as I haven’t had time to talk with them either.

My sister Loretta Church had an unpleasant accident. She fell out of her wheelchair while being transported in the LKLP handicapped van. Loretta wasn’t injured seriously.

My brother Jerry Hall has been having some health issues lately, I hope he is feeling better by now. Mattie is still able to get around as well as usual.

My brother Richie had a couple of good days and is feeling bad again. Wanda is getting her Christmas things ready and to put up her tree after she has a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I may just show up at their house as she always cooks enough for an army.

Thanksgiving is no big deal anymore to me since the kids are grown. My son Keith Ballard likes to go to someplace and helps with serving dinner. He wants me to go; I would rather just stay home.

Gwen Huff Farmer, I hope you are feeling better and have a nice Thanksgiving with your family.

Shirley Wells has a couple of invitations from her daughters so she is in limbo of where to go.

Well I am still very tired and I have plans for tomorrow so until next time.

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