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I flew with returning military from the Far East

I’m honored for the second time in the last 60 days to be selected to attend the celebration of one of our Air Force Airlift Squadrons that was commanded by my headquarters that I was assigned to overseas and stateside for over half of my 27-year career.

I am a printer by trade, but as a one-time crew chief on aircraft, I enjoyed getting back to my roots. So when I had the privilege to fly a mission with my squadron, I loved it.

I flew two flights in a plane filled with airmen, soldiers, sailors and Marines, bring them home from the Far East. Watching those men reunite with their moms, dads, sons and daughters, is one of the greatest things anyone could experience. To be flying as an additional crew member who brought them home made it a very rewarding mission.

During war time, the most difficult part of my job as the NCOIC of the printing department were the long hours, sometimes pushing 24 hours in a single shift when we were open 24/7. However, the rewards of a job well done made the long days a privilege.

We all had a reason to come to work every day, and the people I worked with made my job easy, fun and exciting.

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