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I got to keep my beautiful watch

During my year at Langley Field, Va., as a crew chief on my Air Sea Rescue Aircraft, I was issued a watch that only men on flying status were allowed to wear.

When I went to my new assignment at Lackland Fields, Tex., for my “on-thejob training” as a printer, I was allowed to keep the watch.

Once a month we had exercise periods. We were on the P.T. field and were directed to put all jewelry in our fatigue cap, take one diagonal step to the left, and carefully place the cap down. Then we started with out jumping jacks.

Unfortunately, one of the men in front of me was not coordinated, and as he was getting close to my fatigue cap, I had to yell out to be careful.

I was too late. At the end of our exercise period I picked up my fatigue cap, which now contained a cap full of wristwatch pieces.

I couldn’t put the cap on my head and the instructor questioned me quite loudly about it.

He accepted my explanation and allowed me to proceed marching without a cap, and without a wristwatch.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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