Whitesburg KY

I guess blackberry winter is here

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. It’s been so cold and rainy — blackberry winter I guess. It sure is making the weeds grow in the gardens, and the flowers are growing also.

I’m sure you know how happy I was to see my granddaughter Angie Hatton’s win in her election. She puts her whole heart in everything she does.

I got a call from my friend Bertha (Page) Dye and she is not doing very well. She’s having trouble with her eyes. I hope she is doing better.

I went to the graduation of my great-grandson, Sam Mullins. I was so proud of him. He had so many rewards and was going up on stage so much I told him he’d worn his shoes out. He’ll be ready for high school.

I got a call from Juanita Profitt and she seems to be doing pretty well. I worry about her. I hope she doesn’t fall.


I was glad to see so many friends at the graduation that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I don’t get out much, and time seems to get away from me, and I don’t know where it goes.

I was surprised to get a call from a longtime friend, Mary ( Jewel) Adams of Vero Beach, Fla. We had a lot to talk about. We went to Blackey School when we were real young. I told her I was jealous of her because she was so little and so smart.

She was so good in long division math, and I was terrible at it. She always asked for it when we had a test.

We talked about all the Blackey people. She lived there a long time, and she gets The Mountain Eagle and reads about all of us.

I told her I had lunch with Martha Burns and Joanne Walters, and some of the other Blackey folks at Senior Citizens. That’s what I go for, to see the people, but the food is good too. I guess we talked for almost two hours and never slowed down. We hadn’t talked in a long time and probably still didn’t get through.

She’s having health problems like everyone else. She’s a year younger than me. I won’t tell your age, Jewel.

My sister Betty Tyree and I visited the cemetery at Ermine. It was all decorated so prettily and well mowed, and looked good. We enjoyed being together. She has to go so much she doesn’t get much free time.

My son Rob is in Lexington this week to be with his family there. They always have something going on, birthdays and things they are involved in.

His granddaughter Elise is having a dance recital. She’s seven years old, and I wish I could see all that, but we all have things we have to do.

I didn’t think I’d be busy at my age and still not get anything done.

My sister Betty has a new great-granddaughter. She said she was beautiful. Do you think they will spoil her? I’m sure they will. Someone said there ought to be a law not to let grandparents see them until they were school age so they wouldn’t spoil them. That wouldn’t work, I’m sure.

I’m anxious to get back to my church. We’ve had to miss some.

My son Astor and his wife are out of town to go to a granddaughter’s high school graduation.

I’m glad Christine Fields is back to writing her news. I know most of the Cowan people she writes about.

I read everyone’s news and enjoy them, and wish I could do as well.

Delana Banks, I always read your news. I appreciate you mentioning my sister Louise Shepherd. You’ve mentioned a lot of the Blackey people. I don’t think I have ever met you, but I feel like I know you.

Glenora Eldridge, I promise I will answer your letter. I’ve gotten behind on everything. There’s been a lot going on. I sure enjoy your letters, and wish I could write like you.

Bruce Gilley, I heard you were going on vacation. I hope you have a great one! I know you need one.

I just heard that Milas Barnes died. I have known her about all of her life. Her twin sister Mildred died a short time ago. Our sympathy goes out the family.

May God bless all of you and all the sick get better, and if you are able, try to be in church somewhere.

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