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I guess I’ll have to miss Hillbilly Days

Hello everyone!

Once again I start my column saying how beautiful my view is across from my house. The monitor of my computer blocks the road in front of my house, so it really looks as if I have a large front yard as the hayfield is huge. The hay is so green and it won’t be long until the owner will be cutting it.

This has been my view for 43 years, and I never get tired of seeing it.

My daughter Kay was saying how nice my front porch looked with the green carpet my son Keith put down for me.

For once I won’t be starting this column complaining about cold weather as we sure have been having a few days of beautiful spring-like weather, although it is still dropping to sort of chilly at nighttime.

Thursday, I spend seven hours at Mercy West emergency room as I was dehydrated. My blood pressure was sky high, at heart attack or stroke levels. I had been so sick I forgot to take my medication. I know better to do this.

I had an EKG and it showed abnormalities, then later in the day I had another one and it was better. The doctor said it was probably due to my blood pressure being so high.

They did a CT scan with dye on my abdomen and it showed something with my gallbladder, so they did an ultrasound later. It showed that my gallbladder had something funny looking, but nothing to worry about right now. Also, I had a chest xray.

Southern Ohio

Other than that my blood work was all right. So I got to come home.

I was asked if I had a headache or if I had felt dizzy or lightheaded due to blood pressure. I said no. As a matter of fact, I felt better than I had in quite sometime as I had done laundry, washed some dishes I had left overnight, made beds and vacuumed before eight that morning.

Thanks to my daughter Kay Gray for taking me and staying with me at the hospital.

Reading Christine Fields’s column in The Mountain Eagle last week made me realize how fortunate I am.

Several years ago after I was divorced, my lawn mower wouldn’t start so friends came to my rescue. Johnny Calihan loaned me his lawn mower.

Johnny had some kind of illness and wasn’t able, and my good friend Vicki Power brought her mower so the two of us mowed the yard a couple of times.

I came home one time from work and a friend was sitting on my porch while her husband mowed the yard.

When I had my bypass surgery, the man who was cutting grass at the VFW next to my house, with permission from VFW, cut my yard for me.

My son didn’t live close at the time and though my daughter and her husband had a landscaping business, I was too stubborn to let them know I needed help.

My youngest daughter Anna Nottingham and her husband Scott came one time to Weed-eat and trim, while Anna mowed.

Christine Fields must realize when we get our age our friends are sometimes not able to do for others even though they would like to.

My children have never known if I was broke or had money as I am a very private person.

A few years ago someone asked me what did my kids think about me going all the time to bluegrass events. That question really made me laugh out loud as I quickly replied that it really wasn’t any of my kids’ business. I paid my bills and I was able to make my own decisions.

I always let the kids know where I am going in case something happened, and sometimes I might be on my way when I called them to tell them where I was going.

I am much too strong willed and stubborn for my own good. I do not want to be dependent on any man, and neither do I want to have to answer to anyone as long as I have enough sense to take care of myself, and that is the way it will stay.

It took me some time getting used to having my son living with me, and he has really been a lot of help to me.

My cell phone has been giving me some problems so I think I am going to get me a couple of cans and run a string in the middle like my kids used to do.

Les and Pat Wagner haven’t been in the hills of home since they were there before Easter. It is about time they head that way.

I was tempted to head for the mountains for Hillbilly Days. I guess it will just have to go on without me this year as I really am not up to going, though my heart keeps saying you know you want to go.

Doyle and Betty Ison are feeling a tad bit better since we are having a bit of nice weather.

I keep planning on calling Johnny and Ann Calihan; the day slips by and I don’t. I might wait until it is time for peas to be ready to eat, then head down to the mountains and raid Ricky Caudill’s pea patch.

Libby Day Smith put a picture of half runner beans that are in the Golden Apple. Those looked so good that is almost enough to get me heading for the mountains as you can’t find anything like that in this area. The only thing is I can’t eat them, so there’s no use to go that far to get them.

Well, the time is catching up with me, so until next time.

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