Whitesburg KY

I hope all the apple blooms will bring plenty of apples


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. It’s such a pretty day today. Just look at the sunshine and the pretty trees in bloom. I have a beautiful apple tree in my yard that I hope will have beautiful apples this summer. Last year was a good year for apples. I had some last year that rotted on my trees. No one would come and get them. I gave away a lot and used a lot of them.

Dorothy Tacket had some visitors for Easter, her son, Albert Tacket, and his son, A.J., and his daughter, Ashley, and her little daughter, Cassidy. Dorothy is always glad to have her family visit her and they are faithful to do that.

I got a call from David Fields, who lives in Winchester. He is the son of the late Zoe and David Fields, formerly of Whitesburg. It was good talking to him. He knows a lot of the people I write about, boys he went to school with, and he talked about the late Nora Stidham who once worked for his mom. I’m glad he enjoys my news and the pictures I put in. I told him to send me some. He said they weren’t all Marlowe people. I told him that don’t matter. There is always someone, somewhere that knows them.

Speaking of Marlowe, we have had a lot of deaths from there, my friend, Roberta Willie’s, husband, Robert; Wanda (Stidham) Miller, daughter of the late Nora and Harrison Stidham; the late Wid Page’s wife, Minnie; Bob Pennington; Mazie (Pennington) Adams; Lloyd “Cushaw” Caudill, who was a neighbor of mine, son of the late Mae and John Caudill; and Arthur King, husband of my schoolmate, Ada (Miller) King. All these I mentioned were. That’s all in the last two months. So it has been said here.

My son, Astor “Red” Hatton, and wife Rosemary of Ashland, and his daughter, Kathy Nelson, of Alabama, met me at the Veterans Center and visited Clyde and also his nephew, Kellis “Bud” Hatton. It was a nice visit but way too short. I was losing my voice with an allergy or something. I went about three days, feeling good but very quiet. (Clyde would have loved that.) But I’m back to talking again. It feels good!

I went to Childers Oil to have an oil change and got to talk a lot. I met two nice ladies, Daisy Collins of Isom and Patsy Banks of Little Cowan, I don’t know her married name. There was also a nice man in uniform there. I think he said it was Soil Conservation. I really enjoyed talking with all of them. When they called my name I told him I was having too much fun to leave, but I did leave. It sure was nice meeting all of you.

My son, Larry Hatton, and wife Linda went to their camper at the lake and enjoyed themselves.

I was sure sorry to hear of the Jenkins Hospital closing. I have some really good friends who have worked there for a long time. I sure hope things go good for them.

Elzie Ray Hatton, thank you for the pictures. I was impressed with your garden. Sounds like you and Irene will be eating well.

I was so sorry I didn’t get to go to Lloyd Caudill’s funeral. I had known him all his life. They were our next door neighbors. His sister, Effie, was my best friend. She had two nicknames, Sis and Peanut. She was real small. She and her husband, Eugene Hensley, are both deceased now. The family has my sympathy. I was sick.

I called Ada King. She wasn’t feeling well at all. She lives in Miamisburg, Ohio. That’s too far from Marlowe. I’d love to see her. About all our Marlowe people are misplaced, but they miss us and we try to keep in touch.

Folks have to go where their jobs take them.

Rob and I had to eat alone last Wednesday. Billy couldn’t make it. I was having trouble talking. It’s sure good to have my voice back.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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