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I love holiday decorations, just not in September

Southern Ohio

Howdy folks!

Here we are in September as if you need a reminder! The days are going by so fast I feel like I am getting dizzy. It seems like no time ago that we celebrated Christmas and New Year so now we will be having Christmas again!

I went to a local store and they have Halloween decorations, and one store even had a few Christmas things. I love holiday decorations, just not in September.

By the time you read this column there’s a real possibility that I have paid a visit to the mountains of eastern Kentucky that I love so much. If it becomes a reality, I will also get to attend Isom Days festivities.

Lately I have been so indecisive that I can’t seem to make up my feeble mind which way to turn. If I decide to go frontward, my thoughts say a different direction, and I have been this way for several days. I keep this longing to go see Richie in the back of my mind, and I saw that brat brother of mine about a month or so ago.

Sunday, I was on my way to a Whispering Beard Festival at Friendship, Ind. I really wanted to drive that direction. The only thing that really kept me from going was I had no medication with me, and I was afraid I would get there and decide to stay more than one day, plus I only had the clothes that I was wearing though that is no problem as I could have stopped and bought a change. I could always have put Richie’s pajamas on while I washed mine.

My sympathy goes out to the families of Ralph and Lola ‘Sis’ Whitaker Hogg in the loss of Ralph. Polly Maucher tells me that Sis isn’t in the best of health either.

I haven’t heard anything from the Whitaker bunch in quite some time. I really do hope everyone is doing alright.

Polly did tell me that their reunion was cancelled this year for several reasons. I really enjoyed going to this event when it was held close to where Polly lives.

Saturday when I had my little five-year-old sidekick Bennie Wiederhold, he came into the bathroom as I was scrubbing my dentures. This little lad doesn’t miss anything, he said his pappa( my ex-husband) takes his teeth out too. Then Bennie proceeded to tell me he was just a little boy, and didn’t want to lose his teeth when he was an old man.

There’s never a dull moment when this child is around.

My friend Shirley Godbey and I went to Hunter’s Pizza in Middletown Franklin area to see the Haddix Family. This sure is a great group, I really admire this family with their talents, which includes three generations.

To my surprise my special newfound friend Pat Wagner was there along with her husband Les, with whom I really like to tease. I sometimes forget to mention Larry Hasty and his wife Becky, actually I really sincerely love this group. Larry is a brother-in-law to Les. You can really tell this is a close family. It seems like I have known them forever, though I only met them a few months ago.

When I walked over to their table, something happened as it seemed like someone suddenly shut off the lights and I almost fainted. Les and Pat realized quickly something was wrong. I really wasn’t looking for a place to sit on Les’s knee, however that is exactly where I almost went or I should say on the floor.

This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this sudden dizzy feeling, it is usually if I rise up too fast. Maybe if I would slow down a little, it seems I am on a fast track again and I want to crowd everything in as fast as I can. A song just came to mind, I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.

Pat asked me if it was my heart. I am glad to say nothing is wrong with my heart, I am not so sure about my brain.

Betty Kelly lives in Franklin, Ohio, and from what she says she doesn’t live very far Hunter’s Pizzeria.

Betty had a very special guest as her cousin Gary Eldridge paid her a visit. Betty said they had a delightful time going through lots of photos and genealogy since she and Gary both share this. Betty also fixed homemade vegetable soup and cornbread, and homemade brownies, which she said they munched on during the time they were going through the scrapbooks.

I almost said I hope they got a bellyache. Why I bet they didn’t share with Barefoot Bill Kelly!

I finally found enough time to talk to Shirley Wells for a spell. It seems I am never still long enough to get things done that I want to or finish what I start.

It will be winter before too long then I will have time to do things, if God permits.

Gwen Huff Farmer is praying for rain and she may be getting it in a few days as a storm is supposed to be heading her way.

My brother Jerry Hall called saying he was worried about me as the storm was predicted to hit through Indiana and Ohio. Jerry knows I am close the river. I told him if it got here, I wouldn’t be home as I would probably be sitting on his porch. Until then he had no idea that I was planning on heading to the mountains.

I sat down at this computer to start my column for this week, to my surprise I didn’t send it. So I decided to finish and add on to it.

Thursday evening as I was preparing for the trip home and received a phone call that Richie was in the hospital, I had been working on my column so I completely forgot to finish it.

Richie was in the hospital for several days and I did go to the mountains. This time it was not really a pleasure trip with Richie being at the hospital, then Saturday morning my sister-in-law Wanda Hall became very ill so I had to take her to the emergency room at Whitesburg hospital.

Wanda was so sick we thought she was having a heart attack. It turned out she either had food poisoning or a virus that was supposed to be going around.

I drove Wanda’s Mustang. That car is too big for me to handle. Richie told me how to raise the seat and I still couldn’t see over the hood so I grabbed a pillow. Wanda’s seat sways back and it felt like I was going to lean back and take a nap, which at times I could have done very easy, just not while I was driving.

I wanted to call the Life Squad. They are too far to wait so I drove as fast as I felt comfortable to do. At one point I was going to call to have them meet me, then I had no cell phone service. We finally made it safe and sound to the hospital.

There have been things that have happened to Richie while he has been in the emergency room, like a doctor telling him that he had a pulled muscle when he was in such dire pain. The doctor was across the room not having any handson contact, and the pulled muscle turned out to be a very serious infection. If had it not been for Dr. Gooch, Richie might not be here at this time.

I wish I could remember the doctor’s name that took care of Wanda as he was so very caring. I told him he looked like he needed to be out on a farm somewhere. Whitesburg is lucky to have caring doctors like this one and Dr. Gooch.

I stopped to see my sister Loretta Church in Letcher Manor. Just call me a troublemaker as Loretta’s bed was pushed in a corner so all she could see was the curtain at the foot of the bed. Her daughter Sue and I did some furniture arranging. However when I went back, her bed was put back the way it was as it had something to do with the fire code or whatever!

If I had been the one in that bed, I would have said right away, “Put me someplace so I can see out.” Of course Loretta is afraid to say anything that would hurt someone’s feelings.

Friday evening, I did go to Isom Days to see my cousin Jack Adams and the band. I got to hear Will Caudill & Route 7. I never even went to talk to Will. It was a pleasure to talk to Wanda Lene Whitehead and to speak to Will’s wife Mary Ann Caudill. Libby Day Smith did the emcee work. Libby is one of the sweetest persons that you will ever meet.

Saturday I left the hospital long enough to go listen to 7 South with Libby and Jon Caudill. I really like this band. I am sorry I haven’t taken the time to get acquainted with anyone except Libby and Jon. This time I barely had time to say hello, see you later goodbye.

I did dance a couple of dances, thanks to a very nice woman who loaned me her husband, just for a little bit!

I was planning on a nice relaxing visit with Oma Hatton, that didn’t suffice either as I wanted to spend time with Richie and Wanda. It seems I am always in a hurry when I see Oma! Oma did come to the hospital so we sat in the lobby for a little while.

I wish I was just a little bit as smart as Oma thinks I am and a little bit as pretty as she says I am. Oma is the one who is beautiful and such a nice person to be around.

Larry Efaw of the Bluegrass Mountaineers, who is also a friend of mine, tried to copy me as he had a three way bypass surgery. The only thing, Larry had complications

Richie is still having complications and I am so worried about him. Please keep Richie and Wanda in your prayers.

Don’t forget September 29 Letcher County/ Kentucky Picnic, Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Ohio 45030, 12 p.m.-? Big shelter behind center. Please bring covered dish and beverage. Musicians, please bring your instruments. For information, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol, telephone 513-367-4682.

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