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I need another raise

The government gave everyone over 65 a raise the first of January this year. I got a total of $41.27. Then they said, “Hey, we need some of that money back,” so they took back $7.80 a month of my raise for Medicare.

My TV cable company changed hands about the first of the year. They said, “Hey, all the old people and people on Social Security got a raise. Let’s raise their rates.”

So, they raised mine by $14.89 more per month.

I’ve been driving for 54 years, and I have never had an accident. I am now 75 years old, and have had the same insurance company all that time. They rewarded me for my excellent driving record by raising my rates by $29.34 more a month in January.

The water department in my town got a grant to upgrade the water system. Then they said, “Let’s get some of that Social Security raise, too.” And they raised everyone’s water bill by $2 more a month.

The library decided they needed part of our money too, and they attached a $3 a month tax onto my property taxes.

Now, after getting a much-needed raise so I can buy gas, I’m $15.77 in the hole. I’m going to have to cut back somewhere.

Maybe I’ll cut back on food. I’m overweight anyway, and can afford to lose about a hundred pounds. That means I’ll have to cut back on my trips to Walmart three times a week, too.

I guess I could dig some worms and do more fishing here on Lake Cumberland. That would cut back on groceries and meat a little.

I’ll have to cancel my visit to the Chinese restaurant, too. I could just shoot the rabbits eating my pea patch and eat them.

I’m going to have to cut back on my daily trips to the post office, and going only twice a week.

“Things are getting better,” said the President. If they got much better we’d all starve to death.

Prices keep going up, and everybody and his brother wants a part of our limited incomes.

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