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Mostly clear

I reenlisted in 1947

Wasn’t planning on career

I arrived at Langley Field, Va., in December, 1947. It was very cold.

They assigned me to the Air Sea Rescue Service, 8th Air Force, as a crew chief on an L5 rescue plane after reading my records when I was a crew member of a B17 bomber before I was discharged.

When I was not flying, I would work in supply handing out tools and aircraft parts to our mechanics who worked on our planes.

We had L5s, L13s, and helicopters for our rescue duties.

The plane I was assigned to did not have a heater, and flying over the Atlantic Ocean during winter was not fun. And the warm days, we had to fight off the largest mosquitoes I ever saw.

During this time I made two trips to Canada and one to Greenland. Now that was cold times, but at least we had a heater.

I was young and loved flying, and when my enlisted pilot let me take over the controls, I was in another world.

I was smart enough to know I had to get a career I could use when I got out of the military. I had not planned on making a career in the military at that time.

Picking the printing field, a career I would work in until I was 81 years old, was the best thing to happen to me.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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