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I was a very busy boy

When my unit returned from overseas, my Western Air Force, with my boss Major General Russell Waldron in command, took over command from Strategic Air Command (SAG) of Travis Air Force Base, Calif., on July 1, 1958. I would serve with this fine outfit for 15 years, both overseas and stateside. (I think they liked me.)

My job in charge of all printing of bases in the western part of the state and the Far East was the largest job I had up to that time.

I was also the captain of our bowling team, where we were the base champs.

I was manager of our softball team.

I was in charge of on job training in the printing career field for young men and women getting out of basic training.

For four years, I was on the promotion board for the thousands of enlisted airmen in our unit.

I helped to put together a test for the printing career field. I’m told some of it is in use today.

I set up a one- man print shop for the largest construction company in northern California, and worked for them on weekends and any time I could get off for eight years until I was assigned overseas in October 1968. When I retired from the military in December 1972, I would go back to California and work at my old job until I was 81 years old.

I’d call that busy.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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