Whitesburg KY


Gardens are doing well despite dry conditions

I think summer has arrived. It is so hot and dry. We area having a “drought” in our part of the county. Hopefully we will receive some rain before the gardens dry up.

Harding Ison is still a resident at Letcher Manor. They say he has trouble walking and is unable to come home. I know he is so very homesick, but his sister, Lovel Day, is there too and that helps both of them so much. Lovel says she is doing very well. I know they both would rather be home if it could be possible. We are fortunate to have a nursing home so people can still be closer to their own homes.

Coman Brashears is not too well, nor is his wife, Gypsy. We hope and pray he will get well enough to come home. He is still in the nursing home. So many people we know are in the home. People say it is a nice home and they are treated nice.

The woods are really green now. The leaves look so green and heavy. Beauty is everywhere if we take time to admire God’s creation for us.

People’s gardens are doing very well, despite the dry conditions.

We had a long letter from Mary and Eugene Shepherd. We love to hear from them. Mary writes interesting letters.

Oma Hatton thinks she had a light stroke. I hope and pray she can overcome it. Oma is a good friend.

We were so sorry for Hazel Brown’s family. She was a real good friend of ours and we love all her children. God saw she had suffered enough so He called her home to be with Him forever more where sickness, sorrow are no more, all just joy and peace in God’s paradise he has prepared for all the ones that love Him.

I believe the graveyards were all decorated so beautifully for Memorial Day. When they are gone that is all we can do. Most are never forgotten. I know my memories are with all my family. I am the only one left of the late Jesse and Mary Miller Caudill family, but that never stopped my love for them.

We have been getting good reports from all the Indian Bottom Association churches. I have not been to church in a while, but my prayers and love are for you all, not just the church members but all of God’s creation. God loves us all and stands ready to receive us if we will turn to Him.

It seems not too many people attend church now. The memorials on the graveyards have about all been called off. I can remember the long ago days when you could hardly find a weekend for a meeting at the graveyards. People would clean and cook when they had one. We always had so much company at our homes before we married. Then after we married, we always prepared for the memorials and always had several to come spend the night at our home. Those days are just memories now, but we cherish all of them and the ones who came to stay with us.

No one had to rush to the store to feed them. They would always have a big fat hen and kill her and have those big yellow dumplings. They did not need more as long as they felt welcome. We always tried to treat everyone right. I hope we have succeeded. I never was one to “gush” over anyone. I just tried to let my actions show them how we felt.

Chuck Shufford called. He and his wife came by and brought his mother-in-law. We liked her.

My flowers are not as pretty as usual this year but what we have are so pretty. We love flowers.

We hope and pray all the sick can get better if it is the Lord’s will. Let us all pray for each other and try to serve our blessed Lord.

God bless us all one time more.

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