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Ila Adams, Hargis Ison celebrate birthdays

I hope everyone has been enjoying this brief break from winter we have had for the last week. It makes a person feel better to see the sunshine and have temperatures above 45 degrees for a change. We’ve even seen quite a few robins and heard the spring peepers and frogs on a recent walk in the mountains.

The family of Ila Adams recently got together at her and Ellis’s home to have dinner and to celebrate Ila’s birthday.

Also, Hargis Ison celebrated a birthday with his family and friends. They had dinner out in Whitesburg.

Here are a few more folks who have had February birthdays: Luther and Bill Adams and their sister, Susie Raglin; Alma Rose Blair; and Dorothy Wright and Codi Adams-Hall of Indiana.

Robert Ison of Indiana, a son of the late Manus and Mary Ison, died unexpectedly recently. Those who knew him here were shocked to learn of his death. He was the husband of Barb Asher Ison, whose mom and dad were the late Ruby and Kermit Asher. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

Also, former Sheriff and County Judge Ruben Watts died last week. He was also a World War II veteran and held many positions in the Letcher County School System. He was well known throughout the area. His wife, Betty Jo, and his children, ‘Vondy,’ Mike, Gwenda and Kyle, will really miss him, as will his large family of kinfolk and friends. He was 87 years old, and had touched many lives.

A baby shower was recently held at Blair Branch Church for Stevie and Beth Pratt. Beth is Benji and Danna Smith’s daughter, and Danna said she got an abundance of nice gifts for the baby and all of them were greatly appreciated.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore recently went to Ohio to visit Lee’s family in Wheelersburg. They spent their time eating, talking, and playing Dominoes.

Cooper Hatton had to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out last week. He had it done at Pikeville, and hopefully all went well. He is Mark and Holly Hatton’s youngest son. Jeremiah

Earnest Wayne and Joanne Smith’s daughterin law, Megan, is having health problems with her pregnancy and had to go to the hospital. She is carrying twins, and may have to be carefully watched by the doctor until her delivery date. We hope that all goes well for her and the babies.

Codi Adams Hall, daughter of Scott Adams and Kyra Blair, had surgery last Monday in Indiana. She has been having health problems lately and will need chemo later on. We wish her the best and were glad to hear that she is doing fairly well after the surgery.

Enos and Kyra Blair’s son, Levi, had surgery on his ears and is doing okay.

Don and Coreen Pridemore, Bonita and I all went to Lexington last Thursday so Dad could have surgery on his hand. He had to be at the VA Hospital at 7 a.m. Friday, so we went down the day before.

We stopped on the way down at Natural Bridge State Park and had a picnic lunch. It was just sandwiches and chips, but it was nice to be together on a warm day. After that, we stopped in Stanton at the Bluegrass Antique and Vendors Mall and another little country shop before heading to Lexington. Mom, Dad and I stayed with Jessie and Andy that night, and Bonita spent the night with her daughter, Lyndci.

Dad had surgery on two of his fingers, the doctors called it his ‘trigger finger,’ and hopefully this took care of his problem.

Jessie, Andy and Lyndci attended the UK and Mississippi State game, and Lyndci and her husband, William, attended the UK and South Carolina game on Saturday. Our niece, Beth Banks of Ohio, also attended the Saturday UK game.

While at Cracker Barrel on Friday, we saw Paul and Loretta Arthur Smith and Ann Lewis Webber, who had lunch there too. Ann lives at Wilmore now, close to where her father is, and Paul and Loretta are in Richmond. I helped Loretta and Ann move when they sold their home in Whitesburg.

It’s always a big job breaking up housekeeping to move. So much to sell, donate, toss out and pack up in boxes. It was good to see them again.

Jessie said that she recently met Jr. and Josephine Breeding’s son, Greg, when he came to Cracker Barrel and introduced himself as a former Letcher Countian.

This past weekend was Blair Branch Church time. We had a good weekend and a pretty big crowd. Gary Caudill brought his dad, Coman Caudill of Doty Creek, out to church, and I suppose he and Clayton Shepherd were the oldest in the crowd. It’s always good to see them able to attend.

Eugene and Mary Shepherd of Partridge made it to church, and Mary was glad to be able to attend. They are special friends to us all.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison had their son, Mike and grandson, Ryan, visiting over the weekend. They attended church with them and Tim also came with them Saturday evening. They grilled dinner out on Saturday while the weather was nice.

We hope Rob Campbell’s foot is getting better after a recent fall. I think they said it was broken. If so, I hope it is healing okay. I have gotten so I forget half of what I’m told.

Also, hope that Mattie Lou Back is feeling better, and Doyle Johnson, who recently fell and spent some time in the hospital.

That’s it for now. Have a good week everyone.

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