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I’m hanging up my glove and bat

I will soon be 84 years old. I can’t do the things on the ball field that I did when I was younger.

As a pitcher, I don’t get out of the way when a hardhit ball comes back up the middle like I once did. I’ve been hit all over my body after playing 33 years of senior softball.

I’ve always been a longball hitter with a high average, but when I get a good hit to the outfield and they throw me out at first base, I know it’s time for me to retire.

I’ve had more homeruns, RBIs and won more games pitching for my team than any other player. I pitched my team to the California State Championship as a 75-year-old player.

I helped start the four senior teams when I became 50 years old. I had been playing on a fast pitch team of teenagers and 20-yearolds, and was holding my own.

Our senior teams of both men and women were a lot of fun playing all over northern California.

It turned out to be a family get-together. We took our families with us to our away games, we played a doubleheader, and between games the away team would feed us. When the team came to our field, we fed them.

Our teams were made up of men and women from all walks of life. My family and I met some wonderful folks that have been our friends for over 30 years.

I was still working during this time and I got many of them a job with my company that had holdings in six counties in California.

You seniors in Letcher County, think about starting a senior softball team to play other towns in your area. You will have lots of fun and meet a lot of very nice folks.

I may just come back and play with you.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives at Fairfield, Calif.

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