Whitesburg KY
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Mostly sunny

I’m tired

On Sept. 3, I will be 73 years old. I’ve had many friends and family die over the years, many younger than I am. Why God has allowed me to live this long is beyond my knowledge. I’ve had many close calls. I’ve been shot and very nearly killed. I’ve been in a car wreck where the car rolled three times, throwing me out on the second roll. I’ve fallen out of trees and off of cliff s. I’ve stepped in water over my head when I couldn’t swim. I’ve had cancer and a heart attack. Why am I still here?

I’m tired. I’ve seen everything and done nearly everything I wanted to do. I’ve traveled in 40 states and seven foreign countries. I’ve flown so high I could see the curvature of the Earth. I’ve been to Iceland and all over southeast Asia.

I’m tired. I hate to travel long distances. I hate going to the post office looking for letters from my children, and the box is empty. I’m tired of worrying about someone breaking into my house, whether I’m in it or not. I’m tired of going to the store with my pistol in my pocket. I’m tired of people throwing their garbage in my yard as they pass by. I’m tired of these meth labs, and druggies wandering around killing themselves too young. I’m tired of trying to take a leisurely drive and having to watch out for people going twice my speed. I’m just plain tired.

I’m tired of people dropping off their unwanted cats and dogs in my yard. I’m tired of the government trying to take every penny of my retirement pay for some foolish tax. I’m tired of searching for a gas station that sells gas a few cents cheaper. I’m tired of people begging for money to study the sex life of the June bug, or some other stupid cause.

I’m tired of unwanted phone calls disturbing my day by begging for money. A retired fireman draws more money than I do, and a phone call yesterday asked for a donation to the ‘Retired Firemen’s Association.’ Besides my church, the only place I will donate money to is the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans.

I’m tired of the ‘BOOMETY BOOM’ cars and trucks on the road with their blaring loudspeakers. I hope they have fun when they go deaf, and every other word is, “Huh? What did you say?”

I’m just plain tired, and I’m ready to go home.

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