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I’m too old for swim class!



DEAR AMERICAN GIRL: I’m taking swimming lessons, and I’m not very good. I’m the oldest in my class! Worst of all, someone I used to babysit is in the class. It is so embarrassing. – Humiliated

You had a lot of moxie to sign up for those lessons in the first place, so don’t let embarrassment hold you back now. Instead of spending class time worrying that you stick out, focus on really learning to swim. Work on getting better, and maybe even ask for some private instruction time. Then practice, practice, practice! That way, you can leave the little kids behind and make a splash with kids your own age.


food junkie! I’m always too tired to do

anything. I know it’s because of the junk food, but it seems like there is no good healthy food out there. – Munched Out



You’ve already taken a big bite out of this problem – you really want to change. The next step is to go out and find healthy foods you like. Do you go crazy for crispy chips? Try crunching nuts or dried apples instead. Ask an adult for some ideas of new foods to try. Keep experimenting, but don’t force yourself to eat anything you hate. Don’t give up! In time, you’ll be much happier and healthier. Visit americangirl.com to get or give advice. © 2007 American Girl, LLC. All rights reserved.

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