Whitesburg KY

Imogene Caudill home from the hospital


Late happy birthday to Jacob Caudill of Whitesburg. He turned three on Nov. 2. He is the son of Phillip and Mashawna Caudill and the grandson of Bruce and Rita Gilley of Letcher.

There was a baby shower held for Allen and Jessica Jent on Nov. 8. They have a baby boy due around the first of December. Allen is the son of David and Opal Jent of Carcassonne.

The Blackey Missionary Baptist Church held its homecoming on Nov. 16. They had a big crowd and a lot of good food.

Imogene Griffie Caudill of Linefork, fell about three or four weeks ago and broke her arm. She was in Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital for about two weeks. They did surgery and she was given blood thinners and they had trouble getting her blood to thicken. She is home now. I wish her the best.

Myself, my parents Pnut and Jean Blair, and my two sisters, Debbie Fugate and Terry Dixon, went to my parents’ cabin on Carcassonne recently and had Mom’s homemade chop suey. It is so good. We sat and talked for hours and had a really good time.

Mary Campbell is just back from her vacation. She went to Virginia for a week and visited with her sister, Martha Caudill, then they went to North Carolina for their sister, Hazel Ann’s, daughter Rebecca’s wedding to Timothy Presnell. It was a really nice wedding. It was held at the New Hope Church in Statesville, N.C.

This news is from Sue Jent of Carcassonne:

“On Nov. 16, Justin and Jacob Dixon of Carcassonne, were baptized at Vicco Baptist Church. Everyone was really happy for them. Their mother, Barb, had a birthday and that was the greatest gift for her to see her boys follow Jesus’s example in water baptism. Ronald and Patti Davidson, pastors of the church, have been so accommodating to let us use their facilities. They have let us baptize six men and a woman including Milo Caudill, Jessica Stevens, Kevin and Shawn Adams, a father and son. Twelve were baptized Sept. 21 at the Carr Creek Lake, Jimmie and Meagan Hubbard, Brian and Samantha Morton, Benji and Robin Jent, Teresa and Brandon Adams, mom and son, Harold and Willa Ferguson, Dawson Seals and Angel Everage. The name of the Carcassonne Sunday school has been changed to Carcassonne New Covenant Ministries. We will begin our worship service at 11 a.m. with classes after that. Everyone is welcome. Please come and share God’s presence with us.”

Happy birthday to Donella Madden of Crases Branch. It was on Nov. 19 .

My sympathy to the family of Tom Gish. He died on Nov. 20. He was 82.

I ran into Billie Blair of Isom at Wal-mart in Hazard on Saturday. She said she reads my news every week but, like I told her, it’s hard to get enough in here lately to make a column. Billie was my teacher at Letcher. It was nice seeing her.

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