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Imogene Sexton flies for first time

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping everyone is doing well during this cold spell we have been having.

Imogene Sexton and part of her family went to St. Petersburg, Fla., for five days. She went on her first plane ride and the pilots let her see inside the cockpit and she really enjoyed it. She said one day it was 100 degrees. She enjoyed being on the beach and time away with her family. Glad she had a good time.

I haven’t been back to Hemphill Community Center lately. I miss all of the folks up there. Dawson Creek will be there this Friday night. I hope to make it.

Cowan Community Center will be having its 50-year anniversary at the center on Saturday, Oct. 25. Please try to attend.

Jody Fields will be 60 on Oct. 25 I believe. Happy birthday to him. Jody’s sister, Regina Fields Sloan is at Whitesburg ARH. Keep her in prayer.

Happy birthday to Kendall Boggs on Oct. 26. He will be 69 and Gipsey Brashears will be 92 on Oct. 26. Hope they both enjoy their day.

Stella Maggard Bates will be 68 on Oct. 28. Happy birthday.

On this date, Oct. 22 on year ago, my late husband’s heart and quit four times while being in Pikeville Medical Center. The Lord made it possible for him to live until Dec. 3. Altogether his heart stopped eight times before he died. I know he was tired, wore out and was a Christian and was ready to go. Myself, children and grandchildren were not ready to let him go.

I truly believe that God let him live until we could prepare ourselves and stay our goodbyes to him and then He took him home.

No one can tell me God is not real. I saw Him work a miracle that night at Pikeville. They had him on a ventilator. The doctor on duty said they could only keep him on it for an hour because he was dying. When I walked in that room that night James was as white as a sheet. I begged, cried and pleaded with God not to take him just then.

An hour later they called me to come to his room. I was scared that it was over. James was awake batting those beautiful blue eyes and nodding his head to questions asked. It shocked everyone at the hospital. So I know we have a true miracle working God and I owe my life to Him.

Sorry for rambling on, but I cannot forget what He did that night and I give Him the praise and glory for letting me have a little more time with James.

I have had a bad week. The wind blew my dogwood tree down and broke it. Then my little black dog got off of her leash and got run over and killed. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. You get so attached to them and they are so gentle and kind.

My brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe got a call that his biological brother Bill had died in Ohio. My sympathy goes to the family.

Prayers this week: Frank and Jeanne Adams, Regina Fields Sloan, Estelene Shepherd, Glenda Brown, Jimmy Craft, Melinda Daniel, Mike Fields, Archie Fields, Agnes Maggard, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Irene and Eugene Day, Della Maggard, Clara, Tony and Destiny Maggard, Marie Boyd.

Mike is doing some better. His IV’s have stopped. Melinda has a gallstone. She’s still taking chemo but doing a little better.

So many people are fighting allergies, colds, shoulder pain, headaches and vertigo. Keep everyone in prayer and I have a special need that needs prayed for. God is good.

Well, folks, I am gonna go for now. Hoping all of you have a good week. Stay warm. Attend the church of your choice. Until next time, may God bless each and every one.

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