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Impressed by students’ reactions

To the Editor:

Last week, on Tuesday morning around 8:17 a.m., the events at Letcher County Central High School could have been much worse than they were. But as a staff member at LCCHS, I was greatly impressed with the response of the administration, my colleagues and especially the student body.

As most were uncertain of the events which caused the fire alarm to be set off , the occupants of the school began to empty the building in an organized manner just as we had practiced many times. The entire student body evacuated the building without complaints or asking questions. As we directed students to move farther away from the building and out into the parking lot, students were very compliant even with the uncertainty of the reasons, coolness of the weather or the attire of many including flipflops, t-shirts, and lacking coats. While the staff and students were moved to the outer edge of the parking lot, there was no confusion or sense of panic.

As a parent of two boys, I know that many parents once they heard the reports of an incident at the high school, they were very concerned about the safety of their children but let me share that there was no panic and your children behaved in a very mature, orderly manner that anyone would have been proud to witness. There was never a sense of confusion as many stood around waiting to see what events were to occur. The crowd was very calm as the emergency vehicles and district administration arrived.

I credit the behavior of the students to be one of the major contributing factors for the orderly manner in which the crisis was handled. Many times in a crisis, persons will demonstrate their true character and I must admit that the student body at LCCHS on March 30 was hands down one of the best I have had the privilege of witnessing. Their maturity and orderly behavior was outstanding and honorable. As I have reflected on the events of that day, I realize that the day could have been much more tragic but I also feel a sense of pride that I have the honor of working with such a great group of students at LCCHS.

REGINA DONOUR Science teacher Letcher County Central High School

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