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In Air Force’s highest command for 22 years

I started my printing career in 1948 as “On Job Training” at our headquarters, Lackland Field, San Antonio, Texas. I was assigned to Sampson Air Base, New York in December 1949 as a 21-year-old for the next four years during the Korean War as noncommissioned officer in charge (NCOIC) of the headquarters’ printing department.

At the end of the Korean War, I was assigned to the headquarters’ printing department at Parks Air Force Base, California for one year as NCOIC.

In 1955, I had my first overseas, Hickam Field, Hawaii to headquarters of Pacific Division (PACD) as NCOIC of printing for the Far East.

A higher command, Far East Air Force (FEAF), moved into Hickam and took over our command in 1958.

Our headquarters with our 750 military and civilians and all our aircraft would move stateside to Travis Air Force Base, California as Western Transport Air Force (WESTAF) to command the base and the western part of the world. I was the NCOIC of all these bases’ printing departments.

In 1968, I was assigned to Lindsey Air Station for the next three years as NCOIC of printing for all of Europe.

October 1971, I was assigned to the Pentagon. This largest office building in the world commanded all American military in the world. I was put in charge of the largest communication center in the world for my last 14 months, when I would retire from the Air Force.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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