Whitesburg KY

In memory of Bill Baker

Struttin’ Time:

This is a sad day in my world, as another friend of mine has been carried across The Silent River. Bill Baker of McRoberts was a lifetime friend and one of the finest men I have ever known. He left this journey we call life much too soon.

I would like to take this time to just reflect on what a good man he has always been. I also would like to tell Peggy, his lovely wife, just how sorry I am that I wasn’t there when she and the family needed all the comfort they could get.

I have known Bill since about 1960, and went to high school with two of his sisters. His Dad ran a Standard Oil service station in Neon. Bill was brought up to respect, honor, and to love his fellow man. He never failed to live up to his high character. He served in the Army, and was never afraid to take a stand for his country.

Bill Baker was one of a kind. I never heard one mean word come from his mouth. He was a quiet and humble man. He married Peggy Sparks. She worked for years at MCHC in Whitesburg, and they had four children. A perfect family, three boys and a daughter, and Bill loved them and would speak of them often.

The last time Bill and I hunted together was in 1999, deer season, and man was it cold. We hunted in Louisa and Bill always told me it was the worse trip he had ever been on. Nothing went right for any of us on that trip.

Bill spent a lot of time in Tennessee. He loved to fish. Bill, save us old hunting and fishing buddies a spot for the day we join you.

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