Whitesburg KY

In Memory of Glenna June Halcomb

We Thought of You Today
We thought of you today,
But that is nothing new
We thought of you yesterday
And will tomorrow, too.
We think of you in silence
And make no outward show.
For what it meant to lose you
Only those who love you know.
Remembering you is easy,
We do it every day.
It’s the heartache of losing you
That will never go away.
Perhaps you sent a lovely card,
Or sat quietly in a chair;
Perhaps you sent beautiful flowers,
If so, we saw them there.
Perhaps you sent or spoke kind words
As any friend could say;
Perhaps you were not there at all
Just thought of us that day.
Whatever you did to console the heart
We thank you so much, whatever the part.
The family of
Glenna June Halcomb

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