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In praise of UK’s Extension office

I believe, very strongly, that the best thing the University of Kentucky gives to Kentuckians from Paducah to Pike County has little to do with basketball and football teams and how they fare upon on the grass there on football playing field or the hardwood courts where basketballs are dribbled and passed about or where women practice volleyball on the hallowed floors of Memorial Coliseum or where athletics induce us to measure accomplishment by the population in terms of athletic ability.

I am, instead, a huge fan of the UK Extension Service. I believe that most counties, if not all, have a place where farmers can go to get professional advice, where homemakers can get sound advice on ways to make the kitchen and household better places to live, and where your questions are considered and answered with a high degree of accuracy.

Over the years, I have relied on extension personnel to help build community support for any number of endeavors that included downtown renovation and building industrial sites. If I commenced mentioning them by name, it would be a Who’s Who of UK Heroes who don’t get mentioned often in the press. Your county agents and their support staff are easily the best-kept secret in your county. All you have to do is use them. Talk about best-kept secrets. Points East

So last Saturday, Ralph King and I went to a seminar on growing giant pumpkins and giant watermelons that was put on by the Madison County Office of the UK Extension Service. Arranged by Amanda Spears, who is my favorite horticulturist in the whole wide world, the seminar drew more than a hundred participants and they had to move it out to a church on the north end of the county.

One old fellow, who was going to brag about his watermelons, allowed that he was going to stretch the truth on the weight and size of his melons and then the Extension Service had moved the seminar to a church.

Thank you, Amanda Spears!

Thank you, UK, everywhere. You make it nice to be Kentucky.

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