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In with the new year

Out with the old year and in with the new. Hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful, happy, prosperous new year blessed with good health and wealth. Most of all, be thankful you made it another year.

My brother and sisterin law Archie Ray and Margaret ( Pack) Fields were marred 22 years on Jan. 1. Wanted to wish them a late happy anniversary. Hope they both enjoyed their day! Also, Carla Maggard turned 41 years old on Jan. 1. A late happy birthday to her.

Juanita Fields Smith is doing some better. Surgery has been postponed for a few more weeks.

My uncle Isom Fields came to visit last week from Morristown, Tenn., and my aunt (his sister) Mary Ellen Blanken called from Brunswick, Ga. It was the first time I had heard from her in about 15 years. Sure was good talking to her and catching up. They are the last aunt and uncle besides my Aunt Darlene, who is married to Isom, on my dad’s side still living. It really made my week.

Archie was here when Isom stopped by and was able to visit also. Then Ison and I went out to visit my aunt and uncle Irene and Eugene Day, the only aunt I have living on my mom’s side of the family.

Ella Grindstaff got married on Friday evening, Dec. 30, in Edinburgh, Ind. She is the oldest daughter of Bill and Agnes Maggard of Columbus, Ind. Wish her and Forest the best, hoping she will be happy. Ella has a daughter Beth and a son Joseph, who both attend Indiana University. Congrats to all of them.

Carla Maggard and Destiny were in a car wreck last week. Carla had a bump on her head and cut on her eye and bruised her leg. The car was totaled. Glad they are okay. It could have been worse. Big Cowan

Several people are or were in the hospital and need to be kept in your prayers, Guy Stewart, who is married to Lorraine Miles and is seriously ill; Anna Lou Maggard Combs of Whitesburg; Ruby June Maggard of Whitesburg; Audrey Maggard Hammonds of Indiana; and Lou Anna Fields Callihan Ingram of Indiana.

Also keep Mary Ann Maggard, Tony Maggard, Carla Maggard, Destiny Maggard, Bill and Agnes Maggard and Charles Hammonds in your prayers.

On New Year’s Eve I talked to my cousins Audrey and Charles Hammonds on the phone from 8 until 11:45 p.m. We almost talked the old year out and the new year in. Charles fell asleep and woke up and Audrey and I were still talking. He said, “How can you guys find so much to talk about for that long?” We both told him that we came from a long line of talkers.

Audrey has been in the hospital and had just gotten out. They thought she was having mini strokes and thought she had pneumonia. They took her off a lot of meds, cleaned her system out, gave her antibiotics and put her on oxygen 24 hours a day. She is feeling a lot better. They both need to be kept in our prayers.

My sympathy goes out to all who lost their loved ones over the holidays. May God comfort all of you in your time of loss. I know from experience it gets easier with time and you still really miss them during the holidays but then you cling to the good memories you have of them and it makes it easier. At the time of their death your heart is broken and you don’t enjoy the holidays, but you will in time with God’s help.

Everyone stay safe, stay warm. Call someone. Be good to yourself and one another. Until next time.

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