Whitesburg KY

Indian summer brings warmth to Ohio

Northeast Ohio

Greetings from Lorain, Ohio. I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying this beautiful Indian summer weather. Wish it could last till spring. I just might break down and cry when it gets cold again.

Red and I drove out to North Ridgeville and visited with Chester and Jettie. Both of them seem to be doing well.

I talked to Jeanie. She had spent the day at the hospital having work done on her arm. Her veins are so small and curvy like a river. They have a hard time finding one that will behave when she goes for dialysis so they are trying to remedy that. Other than that they are all well, but I’m still wondering if Phil just might be eating too much popcorn. Watch it, Phil!

That is one happy family, and I do mean the whole family. Seems Calvin and wife Mary are going to make them Papaw and Mamaw for the first time and Christy is just overjoyed about becoming an aunt. Knowing her, that will be one spoiled young’un. Congratulations to the entire family.

I saw Georgia. The surgery for sinus is doing what it was supposed to but she says her body just ain’t feelin’ up to par. Says she’s gettin’ old but don’t believe it, she’s 12 years younger’n me and that’s a whole lot.

Red just got a call from our friend Milford Clark. He said his wife Phyllis will have surgery Dec. 4 at Ashland Hospital. A portion of her colon has to be removed. They are really special friends, and were with us during Bob’s final days, his death and ever since. Another special couple who were also with us are Darrell and Vivian Hall. We dearly love these two couples.

I fixed one of Red’s favorite meals. Lately it’s really hard to cook for him as he seems to have no appetite. I fried a skillet of ‘taters, baked a cornpone and cut up a bowl of lettuce and onions, which I kilt with hot oil. He ended up with a clean plate.

It is so hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are so near and I need to get busy. I’ve got two menus to put together and decide what I’m giving for Christmas. Got a whole passel to think about, mostly children, 13 in all plus about 12 adults.

Know what a dumb thing I did? Thought I was being really smart, getting several letters written and in the box, ’bout four o’clock I suddenly realized it was Veterans Day, therefore no mail. I had to bring letters in and just hoped the neighbors weren’t out and about to see me. Really smart, huh?

I saw Irene (Anderson) Stover. She and her daughters had recently visited Letcher County, said they had a good visit. I can remember her mom Eva Anderson. She and my mom were friends. I see her brother Eugene at Little Edna Church every so often. Makes me a mite homesick when talking with other Letcher Countians but once I go down see everyone, do a bit of shopping and of course eat my meals at Pine Mountain Grill, I always run into someone to gab with. I don’t always know who they are but before I leave I’ve found out. That’s where I met Oma Hatton and Rose Ballard and I’m proud to call them dear friends. Just wish we lived close enough to visit now and again. I do hope you are both well and want to wish you and everyone who might read this a blessed Thanksgiving. We all have a lot to be thankful for, though sometimes we forget to count our blessings.

Do any of you former Stuart Robinson students remember Gladys (Coots) Montgomery? She lives in Felt, Okla., and we have been exchanging letters for several years. She and I graduated the same year. Dare I say when? Oh well, why not, it was 1945. Ages and ages ago.

Just talked to Billy Wayne. He said he and Redia were OK, had a really good day at the store and were getting ready to pick up a load of clothes.

Believe it or not, I did some Christmas shopping, bought boxes of cards and some gift bags. Not the greatest at wrapping and putting on bows, so I go the easy way.

Howdy cousin Eva Dale, how is everything in and around Sacramento, Calif.? I also want to send a big hello and love to Thelma (Campbell) Watts in Kingsport, Tenn., and to her daughter Mildred and grandchildren, Brooke, Bailey (twins), Abby, Riley and Isaac. I really haven’t forgotten about you and you will be hearing from me. Hey to Edward Baker, hope you are feeling better and greetings to Delmar and Bonita Sergent, all from Whitesburg. Edward and Delmar both grew up on Indian Creek, a place that will always be dear to me. It was home to me for all my growing up years. In my memory I can still see a whole passel of barefoot children and hear the sounds of their laughter and sometimes screaming as they played in the swept yard and lots of made up games and some played by all our friends. To me those were the “good ole days”.

I don’t believe I have written this many pages of nothing, Sorry!

Y’all have a great week, stay well and wishing for all a week filled with love and sunshine. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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