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Indictments name 12, including school helper

The Letcher County Grand Jury named 12 people in 14 indictments reported out September 23 including a former Whitesburg Middle School secretary and bookkeeper.

The grand jury charges Peggy R. Cook, 49, of 1734 Smoot Creek Road, Isom, with failure to make required disposition of property valued at $10,000 or more. She is accused of taking at least $10,000 in cash from the school during a 14-month period.

Kentucky State Police Detective Jeff Browning testified in the case.

Others indicted by the grand jury are:

• Kevin Dwayne Little — burglary (first degree), theft by unlawful taking, theft by unlawful taking of a firearm and being a persistent felon (second degree.)

Little, 35, of 6369 Hwy. 805, Neon, is accused of the burglary of a home owned by Greg Branham at 2997 Hwy. 343, McRoberts, during the week of July 16 and the theft of property valued at more than $500 including a Smith & Wesson double action 357 Magnum.

Kentucky State Trooper Jason Bates testified in the case.

• Gary Lee Profitt — resisting arrest, escape (second degree), disorderly conduct (second degree), menacing and criminal mischief (third degree).

The grand jury says Profitt, 26, of 19 Sarvis Road, Ermine, threatened Letcher County Deputy Jailer Joey Ison with physical violence as Ison attempted to arrest him on June 7 and escaped from Ison’s custody.

Letcher County Deputy Jailer Ben Fields testified in the case.

• Heather R. Wright — promoting contraband (first degree) and being a persistent felony offender.

Wright, 34, of 42 Grand Drive, Cromona and 4649 Ky. Hwy. 805, Cromona, also known as Heather R. Hall, is charged with introducing a Suboxone strip concealed in a wristwatch to the Letcher County Jail on July 20. The grand jury says she left the wristwatch at the jail with instructions to jail staff that it be delivered to her husband, Dylan Wright, then an inmate in the jail.

Letcher County Deputy Jailer Angela Fields testified in the case.

• Matthew John Kenkel — retaliating against participant in legal process, assault (fourth degree) and alcohol intoxication in a public place (third offense within 12 months).

Kenkel, 52, of 44 Slide Drive, Isom, is charged with injuring Noel Jimenez on May 12 in an attempt to prevent Jimenez from attending a legal proceeding involving a civil litigation between Jimenez and Kenkel’s girlfriend.

Noe l Jimenez and Whitesburg Assistant Police Chief Henry Day testified in the case.

• Stephen Scott Kincer — unlawful imprisonment, assault (fourth degree, domestic violence), assault (fourth degree) and criminal mischief.

Kincer, 45, of 307 Circle Drive, Box 9, Whitesburg, is accused of restraining Christian Martin against her will on July 8 and injuring her and her mother, Carol Kincer. He is also charged with puncturing a tire on Martin’s automobile with a knife.

Christian Martin testified in the case.

• Randle Keith Johnson — burglary (second degree), theft by unlawful taking and being a persistent felony offender.

The grand jury says Johnson, 50, of 35 Gulf Hill, Neon, also known as Randall Keith Johnson, burglarized a home owned by Bill Lewis at Kona on April 12 and took an antique wringer washing machine valued at less than $500.

Eugene Slone of the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department testified in the case.

• Michael Lee Mullins — fleeing or evading police (first degree).

Mullins, 28, of 24 Straight Row, Jenkins, is accused of disobeying a direction to stop his motor vehicle on May 11 given by Lt. Brian Damron of the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department.

Jenkins Police Officer Josh Richardson testified in the case.

In a second indictment, Mullins is charged with possessing property in June that was stolen from the estate of Steve Bentley.

Jenkins Deputy Police Chief Crystal Davis testified in the case.

• Kenny D. Jacobs — wanton endangerment.

The grand jury says Jacobs, 54, of 574 Yonts Fork Road, Jackhorn, endangered a child by pointing a handgun at his head on July 8.

In a second indictment, Jacobs is accused of being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun on July 8.

Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department Lt. Brian Damron testified in the cases.

• Gary Lee Seals — operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicants (fourth offense), suspended or revoked driver’s license (second offense) and open alcoholic beverage container in a vehicle.

Seals, 47, of 598 Collins Branch Road, Pine Top, is charged with operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration in his breath of 0.08 or more on August 1 and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

Kentucky State Trooper Jason Bates testified in the case.

• Rhonda Rena Allen — bail jumping (first degree).

Allen, 48, of 37 Peach Orchard, Redfox; 730 Rowdy Hollow, Sassafras, and 102 Seals Hollow Road, Littcarr, is charged with failing to appear for arraignment on March 26 on a pending felony in Letcher District Court.

Deputy Letcher Circuit Clerk Sandra Wright testifi ed in the case.

• Bradley Allen Johnson — bail jumping (first degree) and being a persistent felony offender.

The grand jury says Johnson, 29, of 548 Yonts Fork, Jackhorn, failed to appear on Sept. 15 for a scheduled jury trial on a pending felony in Letcher Circuit Court.

Deputy Letcher Circuit Clerk Sandra Wright testifi ed in the case.

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